Friday, October 17, 2014

Growing chicks

The group, give or take a few they were moving a lot

The chicks I got from Ray are doing fantastic. I'm having to clean the brooder 2-3 times a week because they are such messy little monsters. They are going to get used to being handled at this rate. I have to scoop them up and stick them in a cat carrier that I use for poultry etc while I clean all the dirty shavings out of the old watering trough they are in and give them fresh and clean their waterer and feed trough. 

Pretty sure this is a pullet, and one of my favs

They are turning into beautiful birds. I am fairly sure that I have 5 or 6 roosters in the batch, 16 total birds. I'm pretty happy with that if it turns out to be the case. One may get to stick around as if it is a he he is absolutely gorgeous. The others well they will be bound for our dinner table. Some if they are nice enough I'll try to keep around until the swaps get started up again in the spring. Time will tell.

If I'm figuring right, pullet on left, roo on right

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Monday, October 13, 2014

Crazy busy weekend

The weekend was once again hectic and insane. Jade was off Friday, his awesome new job is 4 days a week. Never know until the schedule is up what day he will be off, but it is so fantastic to have him home for 3 days at a rip. We did our running on Friday for the most part. 

Saturday we went on a grocery run, got some jars of baby food, sandwich meat for him for the week, and other sundry items. In the afternoon Jade moved the big turkeys down by the old heifer barn for me. The grass up on the lawn was getting a bit over eaten by the buggers. They really can eat and eat and eat. The heifer barn yard is rich and lush with grass the hubby has been getting prepped for a horse paddock for next year. They can nom on that for a bit longer until it is time for them to visit the freezer. We also got all my lower coops cleaned and bedded with fresh shavings and hay for the month. The little chicks only get shavings as they have the heat lamp on them. The laying flock got a bag plus of fluffy bedding and nearly a whole bale of kind of meh hay. It really wasn't good enough for the horses, but perfect for stuffing nest boxes and adding to the scratch on the floor. Plus the hens love to pick through it and get out the tastiest bits. 

Now we have to get all the barns winterized. Jade's got the plow garden tractor ready to go so when it gets to be "that" time we can keep barns cleaned out and accessible. We still have to move the keets and Laura and her new beau down by the heifer barn. Jade doesn't want me hauling feed up any more icy hills than is absolutely necessary, so we are trying to get birds as close in together as we can. 

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Bad Feather Day

O no please don't I'm not dressed yet :)

My white EE hen is molting, right now she frankly looks like someone tried ripping her feathers out. She is the mother to my blue cochin cross chick that is up in with Laura. I'll be happy when she gets back to laying, as she produces large bright blue eggs.

Her lovely offspring

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

New Roo

They are so cute together!

Two weekends ago the husband took me down to Middleburgh to pick up a new rooster. This one is a bitty banty Cochin. He's partridge  colored and has a bit of an attitude. However, he is a delightful splash of color in the grow out coop with Miss Laura and her plethora of charges. We're quite happy with him. And considering the lady just messaged me on Facebook and gave him to me, as she had far too many roosters of many different varieties and he was bound for the freezer I certainly can't complain about anything involving him. He was much more in my price range for a mate for Laura than a lot of other small sized roosters were, and he is young, less than a year, so he will do well for us I believe. 

He's always having a bad feather day

My chicks from my brother-in-law are doing fantastically. Growing well, and I think I may have a fairly decent split of hens to future dinners. Hard to tell at this point as they don't have all their feathers yet, but I'm hopeful. 

See the golden-tan bands on its wings? Should be 
beautiful when it matures.

Laura's adoptees are looking great. The white turkey poult is developing these lovely bands of golden hue to his/her feathers (still no clue whether that one is male or female). The blue cochin-EE cross is gorgeous. We THINK its a pullet. We however are totally unsure. Should it prove to be of the other persuasion I think we will just put it in with the chickens that are our laying flock after we move the cochin breeding birds we have into their own facility. My guineas are the ugliest cutest things in the world. They make a horrible racket all day, but to watch them bomb around their outdoor pen chasing the turkey, chick and the two mature birds is hilarious. None of the others is so good for a gut busting laugh as they are.

Turkey and blue baby, so adorable

Friday, October 03, 2014

Baking Day

Yesterday was definitely a baking day. I had a mind numbing migraine when I got up, so I called in sick to work. By late afternoon I felt okay, not better, but well enough to fix some things to go with dinner. Namely a double batch of apple crisp, and a double batch of a recipe that was shared on a page I follow on Facebook for a no-knead peasant bread. 

Prepared ready for the oven apple crisp

All baked and ready to eat with a bit of ice cream

The apple crisp is my mom's recipe for rhubarb crisp altered slightly for apples. Add a bit of cinnamon to both the apple mix and the top crumb layer and delicious is definitely the name of the game. I had a big bag of seconds apples I bought that were slowly getting beyond use so putting them into a crisp was a good way to eat them and salvage what was left of the batch.

Risen ready to be punched down and split 

One of four delightfully golden loaves

Two loaves sliced and ready to eat with pasta yum

The peasant bread was fantastic. I was a bit hesitant to make 2 batches but I figured how bad could it be? I'm exceedingly glad I did, as there wouldn't be any left for dinner tonight if I hadn't. The bread is some of the best I've ever made, and I intend to make another double batch Saturday morning to go with dinner Saturday and Sunday nights. I figure if I repeat that the next week or so we can really enjoy fresh bread with most of our meals, and it will keep me busy in the mornings after the husband leaves for work. I've been trying to get another hour or so rest after he takes off at 4 am but it just doesn't work. Once I'm up well that is pretty much it. Today I managed another hours sleep, but that required a half hour hot shower and about 2 hours of staring at the ceiling before I drifted off. Mixing bread and rising it seems like a good use of that time instead.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Monday was our 2nd anniversary. His darling folks took us out to lunch at Moe's in Amsterdam on Sunday to celebrate. We love the food there, and I always end up with everyone else's fresh tortilla chips, yummy for me!

Yesterday was otherwise a pretty normal day. We got up early and went about doing chores. Jade gave me a hand cleaning out the brooder. Amazing how much faster 16 chicks muck it up compared to the dozen I had in there before. After that we turned Diamond out for her day of play in the pasture. Mom and I picked a bunch of icky blighted tomatoes and some gone to the bad side squash for my big coop of chickens. (Will just say some of those squash plants STUNK). The hens loved them, and though I took them down a 5 gallon pail that was nearly overflowing they squabbled over them like children given a single lollipop. 

I've also undertaken cleaning out my old closet here at the house. We really need some storage for Peg's extras, and I need to get clothes and such hung up and tidied away. I already hauled out 2 bags of old clothes to go to the Salvation Army and 2 plus bags of old school papers and the like which Lord only knows why I kept them. I still have more clothes and similar items to go through. Deciding what to keep for Peg as she grows and what to chuck out. It's a simple but boring process. O well.

And now off to get cracking on that :)