Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Young Flock- Video

Sat down in the coop with the little ones, and got this super awesome video. Young stock, be it birds, ponies, cattle or any of the dozens of other ag animals, are so very much fun!

The young flock

Our young birds moved up into a big coop, actually the biggest coop of them all. They are silly little things, racing here and there being crazy. We have a couple of cockerels in the mix, most of which are going to go to the swaps and hopefully go to new homes. There simply isn't a need for so many roosters, and we want to use Mr Blue the cochin, and Red my Wyandott as our breeding roos. 
One of the Turkens I got Alan 

Fairly certain this cockerel is a RIR

 The little guys, with sheepies in the back ground

One of my favorite Ameraucaunas, lovely coloring

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mothers Day

To all the mommas of the world, and the daddies who have to be mother as well, may the Lord bless you on your day! 

My husband treated me to a tasty milk shake, that as a result of my pneumonia I couldn't finish, and a trip to the green house at Runnings to get the garden plants I have been lusting for. He tried to convince me to get a pair of dressy jeans and a top but well I was too tickled by the broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, pepper, cucumber etc plants to really want anything else. I told him maybe later in the month for my birthday. I mean what better mothers day present for a girl like me could you hope to find? He and my sister must have had their heads together, as she got me an ubber cute pair of blue gardening gloves so I can keep my hands from being all torn up weeding etc. Thanks guys, I love you!
Sorry Mom, but this is the only pic of you I have...

We had my momma get a flat of her choice of flowery plants. She chose some cute snap dragons, petunias, pansies, and a few others that I have no idea what they are. So to the mom who was generous enough to give each of her kids life, love, and a shit ton of fantastic cows, Happy Mothers Day. I love you.

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Beech Nut

They are tearing down parts, perhaps all, of the old Beech-Nut plant in Canajoharie NY. My husband was kind enough to pull into the doubles compound so I could snap a few pictures before it is totally gone!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Bitty baby bunnies :)

Makes even the best of us a little crazy. The busy work tidying the mess made by the winter months seems to usurp all hours of the waking part of the day. Lately the horses have taken to shedding with a vengeance. Red and black and white hairs cover every article of clothing I own. Literally. Doesn't matter how careful one is, or how many times one washes their jackets that fluffy hair of the cold time sticks to everything...Grooming is a dirty messy job as well, as the mud is just o so inviting for itchy ponies and geldings to roll about in and coat every inch of their bodies with the thick black stuff.

The chicks are growing like fiends, devouring every drop and crumb of food that comes near them. The cornish rocks ought to be ready for butcher within another 2-3 weeks. Four at the most. I look forward to seeing how much better they taste than the store bought, as I have always enjoyed the fresh taste of our extra roos that have ended up on the dinner table. 

Babies are abounding in other places as well. May, my beautiful meat mix doe, has a gorgeous litter of 5 kits. Two are white and black, one is pure white, one black, and one is a mix of black and orange that is evidently called a harlequin. The color is stunning, simply stunning. We had planned to sell the buck that came with May, and get an "upgrade" to a high pound production meat buck. Instead we are going to keep Button, as he has come to be known, to breed colored pet bunnies, and just get a second buck to cross her with for meat kits. Because well, that harlequin is staying with me, and I have had several interested in having it for a pet.

Our bum lambs are growing fools. Klondike is weaned, Echo is on the down hill side of being on milk, our other two, Mo and Monster Truck, are getting 3 and 5 feedings a day respectively. They all gobble their feed like they haven't seen a meal in months rather than hours. It makes for every day being filled to the brim with work and fun.
Last bum lamb for the year, Monster Truck

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

It's Just

Hard some days to keep up with everything. Yesterday was just go go go. My own fault. I set the goal for myself of cleaning the brooder. Well this has become an undertaking and a half. It requires pulling all of the chicks out, putting them in boxes, shoveling it out, bedding it down, then putting them all back in. 

We took our smallest lamb with us to Easter. The twin to him we lost in a freakish accident. I won't go into details but we were simply heartbroken. Mo is still doing great though. So at least we have his sweet self to entertain us still.

With the mud and muck the horses are sloppy messes, no amount of grooming keeps their coats tidy, I cannot wait for the frost to be totally out of the ground, and for the dry up to happen so that 5 seconds after I turn out in the morning the grooming efforts I make aren't in vain.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Wild Ride

Uhm I know I like just ate an hour ago...but plleeeaaseee

Things sure have been busy here on the farm. The cornish rock cross chicks my brother, husband and I picked up are growing so quickly that well needless to say they are 3-5 times the size of the layer group we picked up the same time. Al's "specialty" straight run chicks are turning into the most gorgeous red spangled birds. I believe they may be Welsummers but until they are fully feathered out I'm not going to say for sure. My Ameracaunas are feathering out into an amazing and splendid array of colors. From dark deep brown, the color of a mink, to soft hues of tan and black they delight the eyes. The red sex links...well...they are just a plain old red. But still a nice chick to watch grow. 

Klondike is developing quite the bum...

My does (rabbits) are due in about 3-7 days. Give or take. I'm fairly certain both are pregnant, as their bellies are like small soft balls underneath them, where previously they were just nice sleek stream lined girls. I'm so excited by the prospect of both rabbit kits to put in the grow out to fill our freezers with another source of meat, and babies to be pets and give me a little extra income potential at the swap meets this year. The husband and I are trying very very hard to get a good base of livestock diversity, Hence our other new critters.

For some reason the girls will only use these 2 boxes, out of 10 :/

Thursday night I got a private message on facebook, from a friend, about another wonderful sheep and dog handler/breeder, who had a pair of bum ram lambs available. So now in a "jug" in the pen with my Clun Forest-Border Leichester crosses are a pair of WONDERFUL Scottish Black Face rams. We are planning to get a few bred ewes this fall from the same lady, as she plans to reduce her flock, and well the husband fell right in love with her boys and girls. If we had the money and space we'd buy a lot more than just a handful!

One of the Turkens I bought Al, LOVING this chick! 

Bunch of babes, see how much bigger the Cornish (whites) are?

The weekend was spent run run Rudophing. We went to the grandparents and pulled Grandpa's plow off his truck and got it summerized so to speak. Hubs got the oil changed in his truck (only like 1500 miles over due, on a "regular" truck not such a big deal, on an ancient dodge with 240000+ miles? Definitely not a good thing to do on a continuous basis). Then there is all the "normal" weekend stuff. Feed store runs, moving this that or the other thing so there is progress on coops and buildings etc. By the time the weekend is over I think we are both ready for the "break" the work week provides. 

Easter Egger chick, such pretties! 

Cornish-Rock chick. Developing so well for us!

For now back out to work in the barn while the Princess of Screams naps...for what is never long enough :)