Thursday, April 28, 2016

Spring spring spring

Spring seems to finally really be here. 60's during the day, down in the 30's or so at night. The barn is loaded with babies, from chirping chortling chicks and turkey poults, to baby rabbits snug in their mother's nests, and the 3 lambs cavorting in their pen, we have much to enjoy and take delight in.

The gardens are slowly blooming and filling up as well. So far I have planted 3 varieties of carrots, detroit beets, 2 types of radish, 3 varieties of peas, and brussel sprouts. Today I am adding in 10 lbs of red pontiac potatoes, and if time and my human chick allow hopefully one of the lbs of onions will find its way into the ground. So far all that is up and solidly coming along is the sparkling white tip and ruby radish plants. BUT I think I see the first of the pea plants just beginning to poke its first leaf up into the sun. Mom has garlic plants that are looking great and growing nicely. The barrels have lettuce and spinach planted in them for delicious summer salads. 

And now for pictures! Enjoy!

Bronze-Holland White turkey poult

10 lbs red pontiac potatoes ready to plant

Pretty Clover's litter of 10 kits



Mommy and daddy's best little helper!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A new project

Husband picked these cuties up at the weekend tail gate swap. 15 dollars bought all 3. We are thrilled to have them. They are Coturnix quail, the brown with white guy is a male brown, and the other two are unsexable Rosettas. We are thrilled with them. They are adorable and busy. We are hoping to get some eggs to hatch and grow our little group out a bit.  

Monday, April 11, 2016

Another Breeding Pen

Husband has been off work for a little while. This has allowed us to get a few projects taken care of. Today I decided I was going to put together another breeding pen for hatching eggs off of. So I pulled my 2 BLR Wyandotte roosters, my BLR hen, the 2 Turkens, and several Ameraucanas, and moved them up to my separate coop. Hopefully this will net me some sale-able eggs and chicks. 

Thursday, April 07, 2016

Babies babies babies!

Turken-Cochin cross

I finally got an incubator about a month ago, and promptly filled it with eggs. 

 A variety of eggs. 

I am still waiting for my turkeys to hatch, but otherwise pretty much everything is out. 

Out of the 41 eggs I set, 3 candled empty, replaced them with 3 D'Anver eggs which are developing nicely to hatch at the same time as the turkeys, an 4 of the remaining didn't hatch. All in all for my first run with my new investment I was quite happy with the results. 

I did sell a large number of the chicks. I am trying to improve my flock by buying in good, high quality eggs to hatch, so long term I need the space in my brooder, and don't need to add in the expense of rearing chicks I will simply sell later on. I did keep 5 chipmunk marked babies (feather footed I might add), a Turken-Cochin cross, and the two D'Anvers that hatched this round. I still have a couple of White Leghorn-Cochin crosses that I will take to the first swap and see if I can sell there. I have 2 older chicks too, that I am fairly certain are pullets. The one is a lovely EE-Wyandott cross and the other a Leghorn-Silkee. The LS I am planning to take and try and sell. I don't really have a use for ornamental crosses.

Enjoy the chick photos!