Sunday, January 29, 2006

Express PBR Round Two

Saturday night saw the cowboys of the PBR facing off with their second bulls of the weekend. Two riders tied for the go round win. They were Australia's Jared Farley on Super Duty and Oklahoma's Jody Newberry on Shane, each with 90.25 points. Filling up the rest of the top five were Chris Shivers, Bo Selman, and Cody Whitney. Shivers and Whitney are both veterans to the BFTS but this was Selman's first event. Not a bad showing for a rider who isn't acclimated to the lights and cameras associated to the big leagues. So far he has covered both of the bulls he has attempted. In all, ninteen men rode their bulls. One of these was Cody Whitney's older brother B.Joe.

Tonight will be go rounds three and four. The bull power in both is impressive and should provide many stellar rides as the top forty five face off with some of the very best bucking bulls in the country. At one pm EST, round two will air on NBC.

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