Saturday, February 25, 2006

Enterprise Round One Results

Scores are posted from friday night's go round (Draw/Results). Topping the night was Allen Moraes with a 93 point ride on Niagra. Niagra is a relatively young bull from stock contractors Carter and Jones. He has been ridden twice for an average score of 89.00 points. Following Allen was his older brother Adriano. The two time world champion topped Paradise Farms Missfire for 88 points. Filling out the top five were Jay Pahlke (86.75 on Easy Spot), Jody Newberry (86.75 on Scar), and Jason Bennett (86.50 on Minimus). Slightly farther down the list were a few more impressive rides, including new guy Rusty Patrick, who put up an 84.25 on Herbert Bucking Bulls Kid Rooster. Kid Rooster has bucked off the likes of World Champions Mike Lee and Ednei Caminhas making this an exceptional showing for a guy at his first BFTS event of the year. Another young guy, Dustin Hall, rode Butcher/ RBL's bull Tar Baby for 83.25 points and a tie for 8th place.

Tonight's go round promises to be even more spectacular than last nights. Oklahoma rookie Kyle Cudmore will face Slim Shady. This big brindle and white bull from Paradise Farms weighs in at 1500 pounds and has bucked off all but 9 of the 52 men to attempt him. Another rookie, Francisco Felix, who came off of Kid Rock in the first go round, will face off with the red and white bull Neon Nights from Teague Bucking Bulls, LLC. Neon Nights has been ridden just 4 out of 36 trips. Last nights go round winner Allan Moraes has D&H & Teague Bucking Bulls Wild One. Wild One has been ridden 5 out of 8 times for an average score of 88.4 points. Another Oklahoma cowboy, Cord McCoy, has drawn D&H Cattle Company's Leroy, who has put all but 7 of the 62 men who have climbed aboard straight into the dirt with an average buck off time of 3.77 seconds.

The event will be on OLN tonight and tomorrow night at 8pm.

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