Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Willingham Takes Top Spot at Reno-Tahoe

This season is turning into a very memorable occasion for Georgia cowboy Sean Willingham. Before Portland of this year, the talented cowboy had never won an event despite often finishing either in the top ten or top five. Now, he has put together two top finishes in three weeks. This past weekend at the Reno event, Sean was the only man to cover all of his bulls for a combined score of 340.50 on four. Sean topped Winter Hawk (Allan Green) in round one for 81.25, Casanova (Page and Teague) in round two for 85.75, Tar Baby from Johnny Hoyle in the third go round for 85 even and, finally, Jeopardy out of Paradise Farms in the short go for 88.50. Following Sean at the event, seven men covered three bulls. They included world champions Adriano Moreas and Mike Lee, young Travis Briscoe, rookie Shawn Waite, and last weekend's winner Dustin Hall. Also in the mix was Matt Bohon. Bohon took the top spot in the short go round on Lil' Slinger from Page and Teague with a 90.25. Travis Briscoe came down off of Reindeer Dippin' in the short go. Reindeer seems to have Briscoe's number as he is the same bull who put Briscoe in the dirt in Portland, even giving him a concussion for his troubles and causing Travis to sit out St. Louis. Jason Bennett of Texas also had a spectacular weekend. Bennett was bumped from the tour a year or so ago due to injuries. Now he is back and has managed to stay healthy for several weeks. With a third place finish at this event he has moved himself up into the top twenty. Now if he can just stay healthy for the rest of the season he might be able to put together some great rides and possibly be in the running for the world title.

The next event is this weekend. It is the Cabela's Classic and will be held in Kansas City, MO on the 10, 11, and 12.

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