Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Below are some of the reasons that I was posting rather infrequently back in March, April and early May. Hazel (Name the Calf Contest over at Northview) was born April 2 to my old Jersey, Dreamroad Extreme Heather. I bought Heather way, way, WAY back when (I was 14 and will soon be 20, so that tells you how long ago) from some well known local breeders. She's one of the old show girls (she will compete in the aged cow class this year which is for 5 and up). Heath, the next photo down, is Hazel's paternal half brother, and Heather's grandson, first one so far (grandbaby, and the first boy out of the family ever...so far anyways). He was born May 9 and is still standing in front of his mother, Hattie, which is considered a big no no in the dairy industry. Oh well, both of them are quite happy with their living arrangements. Next down is old Mandolin Rain (Mandy), well, not that old, she's only three. And right below her is Mendocino, her lovely little daughter by Blitz. She and Hazel were born the same day. Hazel at around 2 in the morning, Mendocino (or Blitzi as we call her because we have another heifer, Medina, and no one seems to be able to remember which is which) at about 1:30 that afternoon, and then ANOTHER calf (this one a bull) showed up at 5:30 or so that night (now you can see why I was tired to the point of being incoherant, lack of sleep will do that, this was just one day, and we calved in almost 20 animals in about five weeks, not counting the ones on the outside of the pack). Anyways, Mandy is my two time Junior Champion from the Altamont Fair (all the first and second place animals under two and not milking competed). We have quite a lot of fun with her and her daughter looks like she will provide lots of laughs. She's another one that is going back this August for another crack at the blue.
With so many lovely little Junior calves (after March 1, or February 29 on a leap year, of this year), it is going to be hard to pick which ones to take. At Altamont exhibitors are only allowed two calves per class per breed. That leaves me a little leeway because I only have one Jersey calf in that age bracket, but there are six Holstein heifers I could easily pop on the trailer. One not on my blog but on my mom's is Medina Daydreamin'. She's looking really really stylish right now, but by late August a lot can change. Another one that we have no pictures of (but soon shall) is Dixon. She is out of Frieland LF Dallas, who is the oldest living daughter of my 2-Time Grand Champion and multiple reserve champion cow Dixie. Little Dix sure has the look of her grandma, and the attitude. She just kind of screams 'I am a champ, look at me, and if you don't you will pay'.
Also in the mix to make up this year's string are several yearlings from last season. Hazel has an older sister between her and Hattie named Hooter. She looks pretty good right now but could definitely use a little more height. Then there's Foolish, my April 1st surprise from last year (she was more than a week and a half late and at that point they tend to be bull calves). She is HUGE, but looks like she will be a little bit coarse to be a real 'show stopper'. And Spruce, a paternal half sister to Foolish, who I think could be even better than Mandy ever was. She's an October calf and really looks like a winner to me. Spruce goes back to my very first show cow, Senora. Spruce's dam, Sequoia, is one of just a few of her offspring that is still milking. A final choice will eventually have to be made on one of my sister's heifers' that I 'stole' (actually she let me take her) last year. Lemonade is by a bull whose daughters I really REALLY like to take to the show because they always do well, really really really well. Really well as in multiple wins by multiple animals, in a single year. Lemmie was the middle animal in my junior Get of Sire last year and I think she could do even better this year, only problem will be lack of space on the trailer.

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