Saturday, June 10, 2006

And the Name Is...

The running of the fourth 'Name the Calf' contest has come to a close. A big thank you to all who participated. After the hat had been consulted Lakota's baby became known as Takala here at Northview. The name Takala was submitted via email by a friend of mine. I looked it up, as per my mother's request (making sure it didn't mean something rather inappropriate), and according to the Baby Name Box, Takala means Corn Tassel and is of African origin. Personally, I think that is fairly appropriate for an animal that will spend much of its adult life eating corn based products, such as grain and corn silage. I'm going to try to get some new photos of her so that everyone who put a name in can see how much our little girl has grown. As with all the other contests we will keep a list of the other names that were submitted for possible future use. Check back to see if your name shows up on another calf.

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