Monday, July 03, 2006

Fritos Invitational

Last year he tied the record for number of wins in a single season with former world champion Cody Hart. This year he sat out for a few months awaiting the birth of his daughter. Now, Justin McBride has his first win of the 2006 season at the Fritos Invitational in Dallas, TX. McBride went into the championship round in the lead, and stayed there, without any trouble because every one of the fifteen riders in the round came up short. Cowboys the likes of Sean Willingham, Paulo Crimber, Allan Moraes, Luke Snyder, and current wo rld number one Guilherme Marchi all bucked off their draws. These bulls included the soon to be retired Mossy Oak Mudslinger (Willingham), Uncle Charlie (Marchi), Scene of the Crash (Crimber), Bells Blue (LJ Jenkins), Smokeless Wardance (Moraes), and last year’s bull of the year Big Bucks (Greg Potter). To say the least the championship round was fully loaded with talent coming from both the bulls and the riders.

High marked ride of the weekend went to Allan Moraes with a 90.00 on Wild Life in round two. Wild Life has been ridden five out of fourteen trips for an average score of just over 88 points. Moraes’ 90 point score on him was good enough for seventh overall. Top ten at the event were 1. Justin McBride (174.00), 2. Sean Willingham (173.75), 3. Corey Navarre (171.25), 4. Cody Whitney (170.50), 5. Josh Koschel (168.25), 6. Rogerio Ferriera (158.75), 7. Allan Moraes (90.0), 8. Luke Snyder (88.50), 9. Guilherme Marchi (87.50), 10/12. Greg Potter (87.250), 10/12. Jody Newberry (87.25), 10/12. L.J. Jenkins (87.25).

Current Standings Built Ford Tough Series:
Rider Hometown Pts Behind Leader

1. Guilherme Marchi (Leme, SP, Brazil) -

2. Adriano Moraes (Cachoeira, SP, Brazil) -835.5

3. Sean Willingham (Summerville, GA) -1006.8

4. Mike Lee (Decatur, TX) -1207.0

5. Jody Newberry (Ada, OK) -1787.0

6. Chris Shivers (Jonesville, LA) -1944.8

7. Brian Canter (Randleman, NC) -2023.8

8. Wiley Peterson (Fort Hall, ID) -2374.5

9. Travis Briscoe (Edgewood, NM) -2446.8

10. Ross Coleman (Redmond, OR) -2891.0

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