Monday, November 06, 2006

History Books Re-Written

November 5, 2006 will go down in rodeo history books. Brazilian Adriano Moraes, the oldest professional bull rider, took his third world title, making him the first man ever to do so. At 36, he was the oldest man at the world finals, and snatched the gold buckle away from fellow Brazilian Guilherme Marchi, who had lead the race for the majority of the year. Also taking home a good share of the glory was Texico, NM rider L.J. Jenkins, who was just the opposite of Moraes, being the youngest rider of the event. Jenkins won the actual World Finals Event, and took home the $225,000.00 purse. Pretty good pay day for a 19 year old. Congrats to all of the riders, bulls, personell, and stock contractors who make these events possible. On a piece of irony, two years in a row, the world champion race has come down to whether or not the last rider of the week could ride his last bull. Last year, it was Justin McBride hanging on to Camo for 8-seconds. This year, it came down to Kody Lostroh, who bucked off of THE SAME BULL!!! Had he ridden he only needed about 7 points to win the aggregate for the weekend, which likely would have taken the title from Moraes and handed it to Marchi. Unfortunately for Lostroh he came off, but a better effort probably couldn't have been made considering how awful Camo was in the chute. Riders are given 3 chances to get out on their bull, and it took Lostroh all of that.

What a close, close race this year was. Hopefully next year will be just as exciting.

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