Sunday, December 10, 2006

And So It Begins...

The fall semester is finally winding down. I only have four days of classes left. However, three out of those four days I have major tests. Then comes finals week. I've already been optioned out of one test, my agribusiness 241 Farm Management class (big sigh of relief, that class isn't overly difficult, but the questions are very nit picky). I am hoping to be able to get out of my Chemistry 110 Forensic Science final. It's gonna be close though. Students are required to have at least an A and not have missed ANY classes, either in lecture or lab. The only thing that has me a little nervous from that class is our last test, but I am hoping my first two tests (which I scored really really well on) and all the papers we had to write will off-set the lower grade I am anticipating on this one. Then there is my microcomputer class, which, while we do have a test on Tuesday for the last chapter we did, we do not have a final, in any form, and she just gave us a bonus/ extra credit thing worth an additional 20 points towards our final average. Such a really nice teacher. My other three classes really aren't any big deal. They are courses that I should have been able to take my first semester three years ago, but thanks to a certain pain in the butt advisor (who I am no longer advised by) I didn't get into and so am now taking them. This same former advisor is actually the professor of the one class, and isn't making his final cumulative, for which I am really glad. Anyways, only seven total more days of driving over and back from the college for this fall. Once I am out I don't have to go back til sometime in January. WHOO-HOO!!

On the farm front, the first of the cows due to calve between now and the end of April is already hanging fire and making us traipse back and forth from the barn every so often. As usual it is my job to go out at night, and let me just say it is a truly cold event. The wind howls, and the snow bites. Oh well. Mom has at least promised that if the calf is a heifer I can 'borrow' it to show next summer. I officially have my fingers firmly crossed. This first cow is Frieland Profit Eland, and she is bred to Citation R Maple. He's a much older bull, but still puts really nice daughters on the ground. Seeing as I only have two cows due in this show age bracket, and I am not anticipating a raving beauty from the one, I really want Eland's calf to be a pretty little girl. My cow (Frieland BC Detroit) is certainly a nice enough animal in her own right, but not the type that usually does well in the ring. Though I do have to admit, I did end up with her own mother in the show ring back when. Old Pete Delight did really well in her day (Pete was a Straight Pine Elevation Pete). Even had a first place with her at one time. Detroit is also by an older bull, Cal-Clark Board Chairman. (Any one familiar with the Holstein breed will probably remember his greatest son, To-Mar Blackstar-ET, from back in the late 80's- early 90's.) The other cow I have due is Sequioa. She is Spruce's dam, and the grand daughter of my first show cow, Senora. Spruce took first in her class this summer, and the judge was pretty impressed by her. Sequioa is bred to a young sire from Select Sire Power named Rolling-Lawns Zen Lancer. He is an Ocean-View Zenith-ET-TW son out of a Comestar Lee-ET daughter. Unfortuntaley, Sequioa isn't due until the end of February, and seeing as she tends to calve a bit on the late side, she may end up coming in in March, which would put her calf, provided it's a heifer, into the next class. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I would like to have a calf in the Intermediate age group.

Some of the other cows we have due include my sister's cow Frieland LF River. She is a nice little milk cow and is bred to Swain, so the calf will probably be pretty small. Sequoia's cousin, Mento is also due in March and she is carrying a Ricky. Should be a stylish calf if it is a heifer. We also have other cows due to Ricky, Chilton, Champion, and plenty more bulls, both proven and farm sires.

Keep checking back, I will make sure to post pictures of the little critters as they start hitting the ground.


Anonymous said...

i'm sorry you have so many finals cou-snicker-gh.

Paintsmh said...

You know, younger sisters who expect older sisters to drive them to and from college should really really watch what they say. Just a small suggestion.And you would have finals too if you had actually taken a few more classes.