Thursday, December 21, 2006

McCoy Ranches

As some may remember, in my previous post on Cord McCoy, I mentioned that his family was putting together a production sale, scheduled for January. Well, the McCoys' have an online version of the catalog up and running on their ranch's website. Hop over and take a look at all the impressive cattle, both bulls and cows, going into the sale. The bred cows are carrying calves by some bulls with very impressive genetics. Several are bred to a bull named Roadblock, who is apparently a full brother to PBR bull Coyote Ugly. Coyote Ugly was sired by a bull named Poncho. The McCoy's even have a long yearling son by Poncho going into the sale. Flashouse is one of the biggest looking animals they are putting in. Then there are even some some cows carrying calves sired by Bells Blue. Blue is their impressive World Final's Short go bull. Blue put Wiley Peterson in the dirt before the whistle during the short go round and in the second long go he carried Cody Whitney to second with a score of 92.00. Blue even put Justin McBride, 2005's world champion, in the dirt in round four. Pretty impressive for such a young animal. I personally am very impressed by this bull and believe he has the makings of a bull of the year contender. The McCoys are also putting in several calves from their 2006 crop, including some very impressive looking heifers and bulls.

Several other breeders are also putting in cows and bulls. Page's have put in several bulls from their PBR lineup. From what I understand based on the catalog entry, the Pages are putting in their bull French Fry. He is quite an inmpressive animal. French Fry is a 2000 bull and he traces back to the legendary Bodacious. Berger Bucking Bulls have also consigned a bunch of cows, including around a dozen that have been bred to Little Yellow Jacket, and still more that are carrying calves by Coyote and Wrangler Rivets. Very very impressive genetically. Will be really interesting to see what comes of these babies. Be sure to check out the treasures found on every page.

It will certainly be interesting to see how the sale goes for the McCoys.

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