Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I Think I Might Like This ONE!

Now this is what I would call a 'milky' bull. This new bull from Select Sires is called Blitz Jintx. Not exactly sure how you would pronounce that Jintx part, but he only has a couple of things I'm not liken. One of which is a fairly big hole, being that his daughters are showing a pretty bad rump angle, high pins and such, and he is throwing them with very little width between the pin bones. Aside from that I like him pretty well. Even like his pedigree. He's a Blitz (Emory x Tesk with a classification of 94 points) son out of a Winchester daughter, next dam back is an Elton, followed by Enhancer, Valiant, and Elevation daughters. With the exception of Elton (he's a Calin-M Ivanhoe Bell son), I basically have a certain fondness for every one of those bulls. Oh well, that high pins is a big not gonna use him in our herd. Just wish I could though. 2610 for milk. That is a really nice number.


jessica said...


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Paintsmh said...

Hi Jessica. Thanks for stopping and glad you enjoy it.