Wednesday, February 14, 2007

To Go Out, That is the Question.

Or maybe the question should be, to not go out. It is snowing really hard here, and the wind is drifiting the snow that is already on the ground into massive piles. We brought the heifers in from the hills, but getting back and forth to the barns is a bit of an issue. The snow is up over my waist. Yes little brother and sister, I know, it is only because I am so short. The dogs could easily get lost in the deep piles. And we are calving cows in right now. One, a Holstein heifer named Egrec, is already overdue to have her baby. And Sequioa and Ricky Bailey are rapidly approaching their expected due dates. If this keeps up...Ewww! On top of that, in less than two days, college has been closed more than in the whole three years I have been there. Classes were cancled today, and are also shut down tomorrow. I've got a feeling noboyd will be getting in on Friday either. Yuck.

On the bull riding side of things, Australian bull rider Greg Potter won his third title in Anaheim in four years. Very impressive. Brian Canter took second, with Kody Lostroh, Sean Willingham, Luke Snyder, Justin McBride, and J.B. Mauney following him. Out of the top 45, 37 rode at least one bull. One of the better rider friendly events we have had so far this season. On a sad note, Mike Lee suffered yet another concussion, plus a probable broken jaw, torn up ear, and other various injuries and lacerations, when his head was stepped on. Thank GOD for that helmet he wears. I don't even want to think about what his injuries would be like if he hadn't had it on.

The race for the championship is really heating up. 2005 World Champion Justin McBride sits in first in the standings, followed by just a hair over 200 points by JB Mauney. The top five is rounded out by Mike Lee, Brian Canter, and Kasey Hayes. Not to be forgotten sitting in seventh position, is Brazil's Guilherme Marchi. He's hungry for a world title, and isn't going to rest until he's got one. And our reigning and three time world champ, Adriano Moraes is only back in twelfth. He has plenty of time to catch up.

Oh, and the cow is no longer in the kitchen.

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