Wednesday, March 28, 2007

McBride Tops the Standings Again

Last weekend, the cowboys of the PBR stopped off in Omaha Nebraska, for the Cabela's Shoot Out, and Justin McBride walked off with his FIFTH win of the season. McBride is dominating this years race for the title. He's extended his lead to nearly a thousand points, put up the most 90+ point rides, and is consistently riding just about everything they run through the chutes at him. Overall this was a pretty good weekend for all the PBR's cowboys. Chris Shivers came back, but now has a concussion so we may not be seeing him this weekend. Tony Mendes, who was absent for quite a while, put up some good attempts though he got no scores for the weekend. And there were four 90+ point rides. Good job to all the cowboys, and good luck this weekend in Albuquerque.

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