Thursday, March 01, 2007

There's Gonna be Another Storm in New Orleans

The clean up from Hurricane Katrina has been going on for over a year, but now another storm is going to be taking on New Orleans, only this time it will come in the form of the top bucking bulls and world class bull riders. The New Orleans Classic will get kick-started Saturday night, with another showdown on Sunday.

The draws for round one are up, and let me just say I am a bit nervous about some of them. We are going to be seeing some big, bad, and just plain nasty bulls this weekend. Cord McCoy has pulled the bull Smash Hit. Some will remember that this bull KO'ed Mike Lee a few weeks back in Charlotte. (Lee still isn't back from that last concussion). Diamond S Bucking Bulls can be really proud of this animal though. Aside from that tendency to attempt to play kissie-face with his riders, he has had an incredible buck off percentage. They've put up two rides on this bull, and one was our former World Champion, and current race leader, Oklahoma cowboy Justin McBride. That ride pulled a score of 90.25 in Tampa this year.

Speaking of McBride, this weekend he is going to take on Raptor, from Tino Martinez. This is a brand new three year old bull, originally from Wes Bruce. He's had seven other outs, with a 100% buckoff percentage. He may not be able to get past the 2005 World Champ though. McBride is putting up a lot of nice scores, and he wants to stick up in that top spot.

Another Diamond S bull we are going to get to watch is Stray Cat, whose going to take on one of the the new kids on the block, Matt Werries. Matt's going to have his hands full, as Stray Cat's buck off percent is over 80.

One man who I am thrilled to see is well enough to ride is the Mighty One, Mike White. Mike got smashed up pretty bad last weekend in Missouri by Sunshine, but though he was doubtful to ride this weekend as of last Sunday night, he does have a listing in the draw. He's got the Tony Sharp bull Wishbone. That doesn't necessarily mean he will actually ride, but Mike is a really tough cowboy, so I wouldn't be too surprised to see him take this young and unridden bull on.

Our winner from last weekend, Matt Bohon, has drawn a second Tino Martinez bull, Big Stick. He's another new bull, listed as being 'reddish' in color, and weighing in around 1300 lbs. Not gonna make him a big bull for this tall Missouri man, but Matt seems to be ridding everything, so it may not be an issue for him.

Our reigning 2006 World Champion Adriano Moraes is going to take on the Roy Carter bull, Eddie Munster. He's been ridden twice in seven outs, once by another Brazilian, Paulo Crimber. Paulo is going to take on Red Devil from Sid Evans and Dan Duncan. This is yet another new three year old, a bit bigger than Big Stick, but not much.

If I missed anybody's favorite riders, head on over to the PBR's website to catch up on whose gonna be taking on who. Good luck and safe journey to all of our cowboys.


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