Friday, April 27, 2007

Bulls For the Next Generation

I have started picking the bulls that I am going to be using for my next generation of cows. Most are not new or young animals. To start off with, I have decided to try and get 5 straws of the Canadian bred and Semex controlled bull Silky Cousteau. Cousteau is a Juniper Rotate Jed son, out of a very good 87 point Cletius followed by a EX-90 point Valiant, and another 87 point scored Elevation. If all goes as I hope, I want to use him on Mandy after she calves in June, Becky's two year old Extra Special daughter Lemonade, my 5 year old Cal-Clark Board Chairman daughter, and hopefuly Junie after she calves in September. Then I should hopefully have one unit left to use on some other cow. This should also spread the calves out so that should I get enough heifers, I could in a year or two have a junior or senior get of sire. Which I have been lacking the last few years.

The next bull I am looking at is a Select Sire Power animal named Creek BWMARSHALL Dakota, a BW Marshall out of a Rudolph. He's been gender selected, and I think I might try using him on Mandy's Blitz daughter from last year, Dixie's Andre granddaughter Dixon, and my Kenyon yearling Medina. Hopefully I can get just three or four units, as I don't have a use for more.

After that I intend to work on using up the rest of the semen I have sitting in the tank. I've got semen on bulls like Zenith, Zander, Kenyon, Rain, Kingdom, and so many more, including some of those bulls breeders like to call the "Golden Oldies'. If anybody has some more suggestions on bulls they think I should look at, please feel free to let me know. I am always open to suggestions, though I admit I don't always pay a lot of attention.

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