Friday, April 13, 2007

PBR Roaring through Michigan

The cowboys of the PBR had last weekend off for Easter. This weekend they are back on the road, heading to the far north for the Built Ford Tough Invitational, our fifteenth stop of the 2007 season. With respect to the bulls, we're gonna see a mix of the old and the new. Two veterans, Wiley Peterson and one of Herbert Bucking Bulls superstar Kid Rooster are gonna face off. Kid Rooster may hit 40 outs this weekend, if he bucks in more than just the first go round. Peterson has also been around quite a while, and it will be interesting to see how these two end up working out.

Our current world points leader and 2005 World Champion Justin McBride is going to take on another veteran from Herbert's pen, Shane. Shane's already up to 50 career trips, so we all have a pretty good idea of what the smaller sized red Plummer bull is going to bring to the table. McBride just put up a score of 89.00 on Shane back in St Louis, MO this year, so he has some first hand experience of what it's gonna take to make it to the whistle. With an average ride score of just over 89, this could be our go round win. JB Mauney managed to pull a score of 91.00 on him back in round 7 of the 2006 World Finals, and earlier that week, in round one, 2004 World Champion Mike Lee put up a 90.25, so a 90+ point ride is a definite option.

Speaking of Lee, he'll be taking on Screamin' Eagle (Robinson/ Larry the Cable Guy), a bull which put him in the dirt earlier this year. Knowing Lee he's gonna be looking for a little pay back.

Mauney, our current number 2 man, is going to take on one of the brand new bulls, Spotted Jacket, from Berger Bucking Bulls. With Mauney's ability to stick on pretty much anything and everything they send through the chutes at him, this could be a ride to help him pick up some more points, and close down the gap between him and McBride a bit more. However, Mauney has done some damage to his knee. Though the injury is from earlier in the season, we will have to watch to see if it is going to affect his riding ability.

One of my favorites, Oklahoma cowboy Cord McCoy is also taking on a relatively new bull, Atta Boy, from Jeff Robinson. The cowboys have riddent his bull two out of five trips for scores in the mid-80's, so should he stay up this probably won't put him up for a go round win, but could prove a good start to the weekend.

One cowboy we really need to pay attention to is Luke Snyder. He's rapidly approaching the point where he will pass the Iron Man, JW Hart, for the most consecutively attended events. If Snyder stays healthy this season, and doesn't get bumped, he will surpass Hart before we get to the World Finals in Vegas. This weekend Snyder faces Chad Berger and Larry Ryken bull Kentucky Rain who is brand new to the BFTS. Snyder is fairly safe within the standings, ranking right now at 28th in points. Hart is also facing a new bull, Mouse, from Thorsell Bucking Bulls. Round one promises to be packed with some crazy, and exciting rides.

Tune in to Versus Saturday and Sunday to watch your favorite cowboys take on some of the meanest bulls the PBR has to offer.

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Is there anyone out there who has been taping (or could tape) the weekend Versus channel bull riding? I love to watch bullriding and have since moved and no longer get Versus. I would gladly pay for the recordings.
You could email me at:
Thanks so very much.
Angie, (a lost soul without her bullriding!)