Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

I want to wish all the Mothers, and Grandmothers out there a Happy Mother's Day.

And an especially big Happy Mother's Day to my Mom. Thanks for putting up with all the crazy shit I've thrown at you over the last 21 years. The trips around the state with a load of cows to every single show I could think of, with only minor complaints once I got the milkers in the string, requiring that we leave at un-Godly hours (in other words, 4 am or earlier). The two years of late night select choir rehersals, with the constant need for a ride to the school to get on the bus to head for every competition my crazy instructor could come up with. Taking me to just about every county in the Capital Region for dairy quiz bowl meets, after suffering through months and months of practice. Thanks also for dealing with all the illnesses all three of us kids managed to throw at you. Plus the racing trips to the emergency room when we discovered I was violently allergic to bees. And just thanks for being there no matter what.



threecollie said...

Thanks, kiddo, being a mom would be real hard except for the great kids who help you through it. Love you!

Paintsmh said...

Aww. You think we're great kids. I feel so special. Love you too Mommy!

6000 said...

You threw shit at your mother?


Paintsmh said...

LOL. Not literally. Just figuratively.