Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hmm. A thought provoking question...

Robyn over at Brain Based Biz tagged me on this. The question is how do you get more productive with your creativity or stay productive and creative?

My immediate question is, I'm productive? or for that matter creative?

Just kidding.

But seriously. I think staying productive requires that you enjoy what ever it is you do. And I definitely love my work. People who aren't happy with their jobs, or at least satisfied are going to have no reason to want to push themselves. Having the opportunity for advancement in position definitely helps too. I mean after all, if you are stuck in a rut so to speak with no opportunity to improve on what you are or have, what and where is the incentive to put in the extra initiative that keeps you moving.

As for being creative, not a clue. Somebody want to tell me the last time I got creative? Cause I dont remember. Logic I can do. I think a person really has to have a lot more brain power than what I have to truely be 'creative'. At present most of my thought processes go into college. Of course it would also depend on the individual's definition of creative. If you just want to find a way to do things a little differently to get done with something faster, I could probably come up with something.

Not going to actually tag anyone, but if you wanna get in on this, just jump right in!


Robyn McMaster said...

Hi Paintsmh, someone "buckin" broncos certainly needs creative approaches and I'm sure you use them without even realizing it. Farmers often need great ingenuity and courage and you certainly show it. It's great to see you go into this as a career since you obviously love the animal. All the best!

Paintsmh said...

Hey Robyn. Thanks for the kind words. Sometimes I think I get stuck in a bit of a rut. Which at just about 21 is probably not the best thing!

Matt Owen said...

Reflection works. Take time to stop and reflect upon your life. I think you will find you grow daily in ways you don't recognize as they happen.

Creative? Of course you are. Look around the farm. You help save lives everyday. You also chose to create a unique Blog to share with others.

Do you find that with every farmer? Some how I doubt it. I don't want to add a "label" if you would consider yourself something other than that, please forgive me and let me know for future reference. To me, I'd be proud to be a "farmer"....I know several in my family that are anyway.

X-Gen Farmer!

Paintsmh said...

Hey Matt. Thanks. I am very proud to be a farmer. I am definitely one of those who looks at it as a way of life, and something they couldn't live without...And I think if I hadn't started this blog as an outlet for my rodeo and bull riding love, my mom would have long since skinned me alive.

And maybe the lack of sleep making me dense, but X-Gen Farmer? You're gonna have to explain that one!