Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I think it might be time for me to give up...

On school that is. There are three days of actual classes left in the semester. Then we have a four day finals week starting on Monday. For the last few weeks, my Art History 300 professor has been telling us that we will be having our final during those four days, when it is scheduled. Okay, gives us the weekend to study up and make sure that we don't have any questions on the material we've covered.

Well, this morning just before class, one of the other students asked him if he knew exactly what day the exam was going to be. He told us he'd talk about it before Andy and Mark did their presentation.

Again no problem.

At least not until he went up to the board and wrote 'Final Exam- Thursday May 9th'.

Okay, now we have our first problem. May 9th is tomorrow, which on everyone elses calender would be Wednesday. Which is just so not happening. So we all assumed he had just missed something, and then we asked.

Which was our first mistake. He has decided to hold the final this Thursday. It is a bunch of slides of art pieces and buildings. We haven't been studying for it, as we should have had better than a week. As opposed to a day and a half.

The collective reaction was 'WHAT!!!". He apparently doesnt want to be here administering a test. Yee Haw for us...though we are definitly lacking the "All Right" and "Can't Wait", "Bring it on" and "Damn straight".

Grrr to teachers who think they are the only ones on the planet who have other things to do.

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