Thursday, June 21, 2007

What a Night!!!

And I don't mean that in a good way.

First cow I milked tonight stomped on my foot so hard she busted two of my toes, badly. Mom had Dad watch the rest of them, while I hobbled out to the milk house to take off my boot and sock to see if the toes were bleeding and really broken. The one toe is COMPLETELY flat. And I mean flat, or it was before the swelling got so bad that it was all puffed up, to the point it is stretching my sock. It was also so purple that it could have matched my brother's shirt. And you could watch it swelling. Now I am afraid to take my sock back off since we are finally in the house. I don't want to know how bad it is. I can tell you it is so sore I went to put my boot back on in the milk house and it darn near didnt go. What a day. Mom is thinking I am not going to be getting my boot on to milk in the morning. Ah well, that's why I got sneakers for emergencies. Just gonna throw my Tingleys on over them.

The worst thing was that Alan and Becky were being horrible to me. Picking on me and threatening to step on my foot, which would probably have put me on the floor in a ball of pain. Alan actually went to step on it, thinking that it was the other one that had gotten crushed. I was cringing so bad, Mom threatened to knock him on his butt if he so much as touched it.

Milking tomorrow is going to be exciting. It is going to be a very painful affair, but the cows aren't going to be too understanding. But I might let Dad milk that heifer. I don't want her any where near my foot!


Cathy said...

I've wandered over from your mom's blog looking for a wren movie. We little old ladies get a little confused navigating links out here in cyberspace. I love your pictures.

You're part of a very special family. I sure hope that toe improves soon. Country-living isn't all meadowlark song and the sweet scent of hay. We city-folk rely on your tenacity and hard work. So take care of those toes, eh?

Paintsmh said...

Hi Cathy. Thanks for the kind words and stopping over. I am currently loaded up on pain killers, so the toe isn't hurting too bad at the moment, just a dull throb. I will try again to get the videos of the wrens up tonight. Mom said to just leave it loading when I went to bed, so hopefully I can put it up for her tomorrow.