Saturday, July 14, 2007

Finally. It is all done...

One less thing to worry about for the rest of the summer...getting my 'call in' registration done so that I am 'official' for classes this fall. My very last semester of actual in class school work. Then I just have to do an internship somewhere. I am currently getting pointed in a lot of directions. I'll have to pick something before January. Fortunately that is quite a ways away. Right now I am just focussing on getting through the next week with it being just Dad and me home, making it to Altamont in one piece, debating whether or not to take Blitz to Fonda, and getting through the Fall 2007 semester at good ole SUNY Cobleskill. At least this final trip around I will finally mostly have classes I actually want to take (though if I don't actual need it I am dropping that history class). I unfortunately still have to see about getting a new Coby Card, as mine, being four years old and all, has sort of reached the point of no return. It was in pretty bad shape last year, so I guess Monday I better call the office to see if I can have a new one waiting for me in August. Yee haw. They are not the most helpful people over there. Oh well. Guess I will survive.

Altamont: 30 days, which is one month, oh man where has the time gone?

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