Saturday, August 25, 2007

Gahh NOOOOOO!!!!

How can it be?!?!

Where has the summer gone?!?!

In case I'm not making any sense...

College starts back up on Monday!!

NOOOO!!! I don't wanna go!! I am dreading it. Particularly the first week, seeing as I am taking Blink, my winning Senior Heifer from Altamont to the Fonda Fair. Which will make going to class those first few days somewhat difficult. Oh well. I have been a good girl and gone to my classes every other year despite wanting to take my heifers in. They will just have to survive without me for a while. Classes never really do much those first few days anyhow. And I will make it to some of them. And I am really looking forward to the show, it should be fun, fingers crossed. I just can't believe summer is over for me. Where did it go?

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Cubby said...

I feel the same way about school starting. I've enjoyed the summer with mom.

By the way, the moms are watching the Ty Murray Celebrity Bull Riding (in addition to PBR), and they are really enjoying watching the semi-celebrities being knocked off one at a time! Have you seen it?