Monday, January 28, 2008

This Weekend Was One for the Record Books

And it all happened here in upstate New York. The PBR's Built Ford Tough Series was rocking and rolling in Albany, a mere fourty three and a half miles from our home farm. And yes I went, both nights too, and I took over two hundred short videos and pictures. Everything from the leader boards to the rides, to the cowboys, to the spotlight bull. And that spotlight bull was Palace Station Deuces Wild. An old timer to the sport, I never ever thought I would actually have the chance to watch him buck live. This big and simply amazing black and white bull from the pen of Chad Berger/Low/ Rosen has been ridden just sixteen out of forty five career trips, and he once again put his rider in the dust this weekend.

Travis Briscoe however remains practically perfect in every way. He rode all of his bulls yet again this weekend for a total of 267.50 on three and yet another event win, for three total wins this season, and that is out of just six that have gone this year. So far this season he has ridden 14 out of his 15 bulls, putting together a current 93.33% riding success rate, and that is including that spectacular 95.00 aboard Copperhead Slinger in Massachusetts. It is still to early to tell, but this young 20 year old out of Edgewood, NM may be our World Champion. He is, to me, certainly showing that he has what it takes.

I am going to continue posting more on this event in the days to come, but this will have to do for now, as I have to be up early, and I am exhausted!

The video just below is of Deuces Wild. Sorry but I didn't manage to get a very good one of him, but you can see what I mean by him being a big solid boy.

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