Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Worcester Classic Was One for the Record Books

To say that this event had a lot of good rides would be an understatement in the extreme. 90.00+ rides topped all but the very first round. And I am even starting to enjoy the cowboys getting to pick their bulls for the second and short go rounds for the three day events. Some of them, such as Davey Dyke are really making for exciting rides. He picked the same bull in the second go round as bucked him off and hung him up in New York City, Big Iron, this time covering him for an even 85.00.

Another cowboy in the same round, Colby Yates, had an equally wonderful go with Cat Man Do. He took tops in the go round with a 90.50 and looked real good doing it. Colby later covered Tiger in the third round, but California Dreaming got the better of him in the short go.

Four guys covered all four of their draws, one of them being the new daddy Ross Coleman. He mostly put up rides in the low to mid 80's for the majority of the weekend. But managed to score a 90.50 on Nervous Waters in the championship round to get him a fourth place finish.

Third place went to the Colorado man Kody Lostroh. He put up not one but two 90+ point rides this weekend. The first a 90.75 on Texas in round three, and the second a 90.50 on Live Wire. Kody is now sitting in fifth in the overall BFTS standings.

Guilherme Marchi racked up a second place out in Massachusetts. His one 90.50 ride came in the championship round versus Outsider. His other three rides were in the high 80's though, which gave him a few points advantage over Coleman and Lostroh. (He's also sitting 60.75 points back in second place in the overall standings).

The number one man for the weekend was Travis Briscoe. And for anyone who missed this ride (and one other I will talk about later) I am truly sorry! It was amazing. He couldn't have looked any better aboard Copperhead Slinger. Putting up a 95.00, he is now sitting in first place in the overall BFTS standings, and has the highest marked ride not just for the current season, but for the last several years. I was so glad I stayed up to watch it, as I really enjoy seeing those types of rides. And honestly, the fact that he picked that bull intentionally made it just that much better! While that ride was stellar both in appearance and score, there was one other that made me much much more enthusiastically happy.

And that ride was put up on Big Bucks, who has been ridden just two out of 49 trips. He's a former bull of the year and for good reason. His first, and until this past weekend only ride, was two time World Champion Justin McBride (who is currently out with the surgery for that shoulder injury last summer) for a 93.00 in Columbus of 2006. This weekend Big Bucks was the next to last bull to be selected. AND none other than my favorite cowboy in the whole world Cord McCoy decided to take a chance on him. AND it was amazing. Cord put up a 92.25 on him, and in my personal opinion he deserved at least another point or so. But still, it bounced him up into 20th in the world, which is just fabulous!!

All in all the weekend was amazing. For this coming weekend the cowboys are facing off with the bulls of the west coast in California. Good luck to all the riders! Then the next weekend they are back here in the Northeast, actually in Albany, and yes, I do have tickets, and I am SO excited!


Cubby said...

I'm not very fond of the draft. What do you think?

I do love some Travis Briscoe, though!

Paintsmh said...

Hey Cubby. I honestly started out thinking it was one of the worst plans the PBR had had in a long time. However, after seeing it in action twice, I think I am going to have to reverse my opinion. It seemed to work out quite well. And if giving the cowboys the chance to pick their match ups leads to rides like Briscoe's on Copperhead Slinger, and McCoy's on Big Bucks then I am all for it.