Friday, February 22, 2008

So Little Time Left...

Until my internship starts. This next week, as well as the last few days, is loaded with activity. For instance, yesterday was the kick off for the New York State Farm Show. It was, as always, a wonderful time. My best buddy from school came and spent the night Wed and again last night so he could go with us. The family loves him so it is always fun when he comes over.

The farm show itself was a blast as well. I finally got the NY Holstein fleece vest I have wanted for years. They had been selling them for $30.00 and I always felt that was a big much. So I never bought one. Well yesterday they were $15.00. They didn't have one small enough for me but I decided I wanted one anyways! Got a real nice gray one with a red logo of NYS and a Holstein head. It is really sweet.

I also picked up a stack of stud books and information on rubber mats for cow stalls. I am planning to redo Mandy and the Blitz's stalls before next winter. Both of them are just too big for the barn. Thankfully Mandy is pretty much just growing as she turned five in November. The Blitz on the other hand is another story. She's Mandy's oldest daughter and as of yet isn't even two, but her topline is already touching the metal bar that runs across the top of the front of her stall. And she has a whole bunch more growing to do. The difficult thing was getting people to give me a definitive price on a single stall. There was a lot of hmming and such as they really don't want to be helpful for those putting in less than the whole barn. I did find one company but they are not the most trustworthy on the world. We have had bad incidents with them ourselves so I am hesitant to try and work with them.

This weekend is the event in St Louis MO, the Enterprise Classic. Good luck to all the cowboys.

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