Tuesday, February 05, 2008

What an Interesting Week...

...And it is only Tuesday.

Yesterday was just a typical Monday, which is bad enough. Just busy and hectic.

Then today was New York Farm Bureau's PX Day. This was my first year. And it was an interesting experience. Number one, don't set up a lobby day, in which you, amazingly enough, lobby legislators, on Super Tuesday, when your state is holding its primary. Our county's president, who we borrowed (without intention of returning) from a neighboring county many moons ago, set up our meetings and I rode out with him. Which was way worth it as the last two times I went somewhere for MCFB I have ridden with him... which has gained me the benefit of seeing a side of him that I totally did not know existed. And I look forward to seeing more of. He is a crazy farm boy!

But I have to say that between the dogs and the thunder storm waking us up at 3am, and then being on the road at quarter to six to hook up with the pres and ride down the rest of the way to Albany, then proceeding to walk all over the capital was tiring.

And to top it all off, while today was enjoyable, it was MUCH more fun going down for the PBR BFTS event. So close to the TUC and where the bull riding was...and yet so very very far!

Though I should say that someday I will tell you all about the zing I got in on an older FB member who has made it his life's work of the last few years to make me miserably uncomfortable. Cause boy oh boy I was so on today!

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