Sunday, March 30, 2008


...To have been gone so long. I have been working basically one and a half full time jobs. One at home. The other my internship. To say I am busy is a bit of an understatement. I work about 40 hours or so a week at my internship site, and other 15-20 I would say (roughly, it may be a bit less) at home. We are calving at home, so I get very little sleep at night, which I try to make up for during the mid afternoon when I have about two hours off from both jobs. Anyway, I am at 168 hours already, so I am hoping I will be done before too many more months go by. I apologize for not posting more, but as I am not even watching most of the PBR events because of fatigue it is hard to have much to post about!

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Windyridge said...

Oh least you have a chance to grab a cat nap in the afternoon.