Sunday, May 04, 2008

Name The Calf...AGAIN!!!!!

Well I am doing it again! Holding another name the calf contest. This one for a calf needing a name starting with a "D". I have photos on my camera. As soon as I load them up I will put them up. She is a really beautiful black inky colored calf. And looks SO much like her Momma Detroit. Little "Decaf" as we are calling her is in desperate need of a real name. Though if nobody has a suggestion, well, we might be stuck with Decaf. I wanted to name her after another "D" city, but I haven't been able to come up with one...more to follow!


jan said...

The obvious name for a calf is Dallas.

Am I missing something?

Paintsmh said...

OOOPPPSSS Meant to put that in. That is the problem. I've had a Dallas, a Denver, Detroit. Sorry Jan, I really did mean to put that in there. But my mental facilities are a bit lacking at the moment, as I am running on three hours sleep.

Ryan Karpeles said...

How about...

Dorsey, Dickens, Derrek, Dover, Duvall, Domino, Dayton..

That's all I got off the top of my head. Many congrats on the new calf!

Anonymous said...

Desperate 4 e-drive take a hit for the team c'mon girl!!!

threecollie said...


Tina said...

De Calf?
Ya know - Not exactly DCalf, 'The' Calf, but 'De' Calf?
Maybe she'll be a French rapper.
Sorry, it's early and my brain isn't quite awake.

Anonymous said...

Dallas, Del Mar,

Anonymous said...

D'Lo Noire (Haiti)
Deelen (Netherlands)
Daq Shaleh (Iran)
Delmita, Dilley, Doucette (Texas)
Dresden, Damariscotta (Maine)
Drewsey, Durkee, Dale (Oregon)
Dunvegan, Dalkeith (Scotland)
Davanagere, DeLand (Florida)
Dunean, Dalzell (So Carolina)
Derry (New Hampshire)
Dixie, Driggs (Idaho)
Devane, Driskolls, Delph (Georgia)
Dahlen, Deidesheim, Deesen (Germany)