Saturday, September 06, 2008

What a Week!

But in a good way...a very good way! See last Friday night, just a short while before the Fonda Fair event that Trent Tomlinson played, Mom called me to say that Junie, my big white cow, finally calved two weeks late, with a heifer calf. That's right, a heifer calf! Finally. We've never gotten a girl off of her so I was ecstatic to say the least. Becky and I contemplated the name for Junie's little girl the whole time we stood in line waiting, and through about half of the show. We wanted to name her after a Trent Tomlinson song. But well quite frankly I couldn't remember any of them that were short enough to fit in a Holstein registration form! We finally settled on "The Bottle" when Trent played it.

After the show we stood in line for a half hour or so, debating the Open Dairy Judging from that morning with a friend of mine. Finally it was our turn to get Trent's autograph and enoy a short chat with him. I told him what we planned to name her and he and his manager said we ought to name her Trent. So after we got home we decided to do just that. And might I add that it number one totally fits her! And we had a BLAST at the Fonda show! He is a heck of a fine performer. Should you get a chance to see him and you enjoy his music even a little go see it!

Anyway. I decided to write to Trent's myspace page. Tell them how much I enjoyed the show. And that as we were going to the Vermont State show he was doing with Emerson Drive I would get a few pictures of the calf for them.

I had no thought of getting a reply from the page. I mean they have over 45 thousand fans on there. What were the odds?

But a reply I did get. And it was totally phenomenal. The jist of it was here is my fan club president's email address. She is in charge of meet and greets. Get ahold of her and we'll get you some for whoever is coming up! So I did. And she did. She called me on my cell just as we were pulling up to the fair and talked to my Mom giving us all the details.

When the time came, after much trouble from the ladies up at the will call booth where we were told to check first, we finally got our passes. Time finally rolled around for us to go back and meet him. And while I thought he was wonderful before the meet and greet I think he is just plain darling now! He was so tickled and amused by the pictures of the calf that it was wonderful. His manager even remembered me from Fonda fair.

And as we were leaving the bus to go back to our seats they told us to make sure we got right down by the stage now so they could have us in the front. I told them I would try but that there was a lady blocking people out of the track seats. Well Trent's manager said I can take care of that, just wait a second. And proceeded to give me three All Access passes. Suffice to say I was officially allowed anywhere I wanted to go. Totally sweet huh?

I have to say this was a really awesome concert too! And wow what awesome people!


Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Great story, and what a way to get a name for the calf!

Breezey375 said...

next time I'm standing a little farther to one side if you get my meaning. LOLz was a great show....