Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mohegan Sun Invitational 2008

As I stated, now two days ago, I am going to Mohegan Sun tomorrow for the Mohegan Sun Invitational. It is the last regular season event for the year. As announced earlier in the season it is also the last regular event for the super powerful bull Super Duty. He is being retired following the finals. As those connected to the PBR as either fans or supporters etc he is the bull who for the last several years, participants in the Ford Trucks Ford Super Duty challenge had a chance to enter, and have the chance to "own" a piece of this bull for a season, as an honorary stock contractor. I entered every year but to no avail. His succesor will be named during the finals, and is now down to the bulls Holy Smoke and Huslter. Another bull, my personal pick, Jacob's Pet, was disqualified from the voting as he was injured.

As for the event, today was a draw day, which means the guys get to pick their bull for the night out of the 45 available. I was stunned this morning to find my two favorite fellas Cord McCoy and Kody Lostroh on top, so they got to pick 1st and 2nd respectively. I won't spoil who they decided they want to take on tonight for you, head on over to to discover the "magic" matchups for yourself. Trust me it will be worth the stop.

There are a few sad things about going down to Mohegan Sun's event. One being the number of my favorites that are sitting out. Adriano is hurt, Clayton Williams is hurt, and so is Brendon Clark to name just a few. It is the end of the season so that is to be expected. But it was my last chance to see Adriano ride, and I was really hopeful. Then again I would rather he sit out while he heals, and ride like the 3 Time World Champion he is at the finals in Vegas, which are literally right around the corner!

I'm hoping to get some good pictures of everyone there. If you let me know your favorite rider who will be at the event before tomorrow I will do my best to get a really nice one of them and put it up on here.

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