Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sad News in the Bull Riding World

Effective immediately following this year's finals, Justin McBride, two time World Champion, fan favorite, and just generally all around great guy, will be retired. He said he didn't really feel like coming back to ride following his surgery earlier this season, and has decided he'd rather stay home with his family and run the ranch. You can read more at

While this news saddens me, as I have always loved McBride, I have to admit I'm not sorry or surprised. He just hasn't been the same guy since he returned a few months ago. Something was missing in his style, and I guess that was the heart. I told Mom just Friday I had a feeling he was going to leave and not ride anymore after this finals. He has been injury prone over the last several years, and while he is still "young enough" and healthy enough, I'd rather he retire while he is healthy, and still "able" and at the top of his game. He got his World title, which I always hoped for. He'll still be one of my favorites. And he is planning to do some commentating and stuff, so he won't be gone completely.

Enjoy retirement Justin, you've certainly earned the rest!

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