Saturday, November 29, 2008

World Championship Long Since Over

Late October through the first week of November saw the finish of the 2008 PBR season. And what a season it was. Guilherme Marchi took an early lead in the race for the world title, and had to fight hard to keep it. In the end, his several thousand point lead was enough to hold on a late rush from young gun JB Mauney. The young Brazillian certainly earned his title. Having sat second for the last several years, sometimes only failing to gain the world's number one spot by one ride. Now he can chase after his second world championship, instead of continuing to court his first.

The world finals was also the last event for two of the most beloved riders the PBR has ever has. Our only three time champion Adriano Moraes, who was also the first World Champion the PBR ever had, said good bye, with a 24th in the standings finish. He broke down in tears in the arena as he left. Saying that he is a bull rider at heart, and he is going to miss it. Well all I can say is we are going to miss him too. Justin McBride, a two time champion, also retired. He announced his retirement about a week prior to the start of the finals. I never got to see him ride. And while he is still young enough to ride, he said his heart just doesn't want to keep doing it. He also stated he is definitely done, and isn't coming back, unlike a certain football player...who I'm not going to can probably figure it out.

The 2009 season promises to be a stellar one. The young guns have a bunch of big shoes to fill. But I think they are up to the task.

A few other awards that went out:Daisy Rookie of the Year was Reese Cates, Bull of the Year was Bones, Stock Contractor of the Year Chad Berger and Clay Struve. For more of the awards, Click HERE

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