Friday, January 23, 2009

Cory Melton from 2007 Vernon Downs PBR Enterprise Event


The Wife said...

He better have rode that bull. It was a pretty easy one!

I hate that we have to miss the event in Dallas too. We had tickets last year too and couldn't go. This sunday we are busy sorting the heifer and bulls calves. No time to run to Dallas. But we just go to watch the bulls.

Paintsmh said...

He did. It was one of our "local" NY bulls. They had a rough night the day before, bull bucked FAR better then. And there was a huge storm going through. It doesn't show very good but the crushed stone they were using for footing was like goose grease, it was so bad.

I would come sort for you, I could probably figure it out. You should NOT have to miss it two years in a row! That is just so painful! And LOL I go for it all...Bulls, bull riders, the bull fighters, the sheer adrenaline that just pumps through the whole arena. It is wonderful...oh man how far away is August?