Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fresno Event in the Books

When the lights grew dim, and the cowboys started towards Sacramento for their second event of the weekend, Kody Lostroh headed out still in the lead for the world title race, and with his first event win in his pocket. He covered Little Bighorn for 88.75. That gave him the top spot going into the championship go round. Which with the new draw system update which allows the riders to pick their bulls for every championship round at all the events, not just the three day meets. In normal Kody style, he picked a rank, powerful, high scoring bull in Julio Moreno Bucking Bulls famous bucker Troubadour. Troubadour's average bull score is 46.53 out of a possible fifty. And his average ride score, for the 4 times the brave souls who took him on have stayed up, is 94.31. Not to mention, Kody had already covered Troubadour for a 93.50 in Portland Oregon last year. Kody's successful ride for a 94.50 was enough to win him the event over Brazil's Renato Nunes.

Nunes covered his first bull (Benedict) for second place and his second (Little Bo) for third. That grabbed him enough points to rack up a second place finish over Matt Bohon.

For more results, head on over to the PBR website.

Injuries reported for the event were Mike White. He suffered a jaw laceration which required stitching and has a possible jaw fracture. He is listed as questionable for Sacramento tonight.


The Wife said...

Mike is my favorite rider but he can't stay healthy. Really sucks!

Paintsmh said...

He really does have problems health wise. I think he could have easily racked up as many world championships as Shivers if he could just stay healthy for an entire season. I got to meet him once, he was a pretty pleasant fellow. And I definitely enjoy watching him ride.

The Wife said...

Stayin' healthy is so hard. The hubby had 3 reconstructive shoulder surgeries and needs another. My bestfriend (guy) roomed with Mike. I told him to steal his underwear! He wouldn't do it! I did meet him in Dallas though and took a picture with him. It's really cheesy! But I'm the Queen of Cheese.

Jamie said...

I'm visiting from The Wife's blog over at Gizzards and Calf Fries. I LOVE the PBR...My friend Ashley and I are actually going to the Nampa Invitational in April...We can hardly wait. Troubador is one of my all time favorite bulls too!

Paintsmh said...

Wife, Yes I think that is part of why when I was younger my Mom begged me not to fall for one of the bull riding boys I hung around with during the show season at the fairs. Lucky for her I haven't. And oh boy I am laughing over that one. I dont even want to know. I really dont. Mom took my picture with Kody Lostroh when he came up to ride in Syracuse at an Enterprise Event. He's one of the biggest sweethearts I have ever met. And one of my favorites.

Jamie, thanks so much for stopping over and taking the time to comment. I live for PBR and bull riding. Its wonderful. I started doing this blog a few years back to keep my family from murdering me in my sleep because they aren't quite as fanatical about it as I am. I am hoping to go to either Worchester or Mohegan Sun this year. I dont know which. And yes Troubadour is one heck of a bull. He's got power, style, and rankness all in one glorious package.