Monday, February 16, 2009

Going in Search of Photos

When you start, if you are extremely lucky, the calf, in this case Dixie Rose Delux, will be laying peacefully, munching on some straw. While at the same time, her stall neighbor, aka Firecracker, will be catching an early morning snooze.
Naturally. As soon as you get situated to snag the cutest of cute pictures, calf number 2, Firecracker, will hop up, deciding to fore go her siesta, in favor of chewing on the delectable denim of your work jeans.

Which will of course cause her neighbor, the original calf Rose, to leap to her feet, to try and get in on the action.

Cause after all, denim is the best tasting substance on the planet right?

With Rose munching on the available denim, what is a little Firecracker to do, but go after the next best thing?

Flannel of course!
Or perhaps the camera strap!

Leading me to the conclusion...if at first you don't succeed...

Fire your assistants!

And then hide all evidence that you tried in the first place!

Or post it on your blogs for all to enjoy a nice laugh!


The Wife said...

LOL! My subjects rarely cooperate with me too! I have to take LOTS of pictures to get a few good ones. Keep snappin'!

CTG Ponies said...

Very cute! I don't know what it is about denim but my minis do the same thing. They love the way it feels on their noses.

Paintsmh said...

Wife, yes I know. It was kind of fun actually. I never got the picture I wanted. But what I got was so FUNNY! I don't mind at all!

CTG, thanks for stopping. And yeah there must be something in the denim! Even my big mature cows love to chew on my jeans, or if I have my old denim work jacket on forget it they are up to their eyes in the pockets!