Tuesday, February 03, 2009

JB Mauney Wins in Winston-Salem NC

The title for the Copenhagen Bull Riding Invitational went to North Carolina's shining star JB Mauney. He beat out 2 time World Champion Chris Shivers by a mere quarter of a point to claim the title, his second of the season. He's proving just how world champion title hungry he is, having ridden over 80% of his bulls so far. Mauney covered the unridden Deja Blu in the short go for 91.00, a tie score with Shivers who chose California Dreaming. Be sure to tune in in 2 weeks to see Mauney take on the unridden 2008 Bull of the Year Bones. Frankly I think my money is on Bones, but we will see. Mauney is riding just about everything. But Bones is one of those stupendous bulls that feels for what his rider is doing, and twists out of it. So where this one will go is anyones bet.

Third place in the event went to Austin Meier...back just another half a point. He selected High Lonesome, a rarely ridden bull, and put up a score of 89.75. Combined with his other rides it put him just a bit ahead of Wiley Peterson. Peterson took on Scene of the Crash (yeah so called that one) for an 89.00 and a tie with Ryan McConnel who chose to attempt Nervous Waters (also called it). McConnel ended up finishing the weekend out a quarter point behind Peterson in sixth.

To me however the highlight of the weekend wasn't the match between Marchi and Bones (Bones won), or JB Mauney winning another title, he's a good rider, he should top 5 every weekend. It was young 19 year old Skeeter Kingsolver's 90.50 on his first bull Big Iron. Big Iron gets ridden pretty frequently compared to a lot of bulls. But they DO NOT put up 90+ point rides on him. EVER. This is his third year on the BFTS and the first 90+ point ride they have put up on him. This kid can ride! He was spurring and looked like he'd been on the BFT for years, not up on his first bull there. Kingsolver is one guy who I'd say is going to stick around for a good while. He's certainly got the style for it.


The Wife said...

Yeah, but the kid (Kingslover) should have taken a little less of a bull for the short round! But he's young and wants to prove himself. I was just glad it wasn't a killin'! The husband and I were worried.

Wanted to give you a website. Didn't know if you knew about it. It's all about breeding.
Thought you might like it.

Paintsmh said...

Hey. Being one of the last to draw, so he really didn't have much choice. But I didn't envy him Avalanche. That bull is just flat out nasty.

I did know about the website. But I keep losing my link to it! Thanks so much!