Friday, February 13, 2009

Which One Will It Be?

Mauney? The amazing young rider out of North Carolina, who has been tutored by the legend Jerome Davis?

Or Bones? The 4 year old unridden bucking bull sensation from Tom Teague? Who has proven he can dust any World Champion (McBride, Marchi, Caminhas etc) who dares to take him on? The bull that senses where is rider is leaning towards him going, and automatically does the exact oposite? Changing his outs whenever necessary.

I will admit I am leaning towards Bones. I wasn't until Mauney hurt his back on El Presidente. Then I kind of went hmm if he is hurting still this may not bode well for him. So now I am sitting back, waiting, and wondering. They will face off in Oklahoma City Oklahoma. I can't wait to find out how this one goes!

I'd like to hear everyone elses opinion on this one! These two are in a league of their own. What do all the Mauney and Bones and PBR fans think about this match up?


The Wife said...

I can only hope Mauney gets it done. Not a Bones fan.

Ranch Diva Rachel said...

Since Bones is not a Frontier bull, I am going with The Wife... Mauney.

(I am such a loyalist...)

The Wife said...

WOOHOO JB! He worked his butt off for that $20K.