Friday, March 06, 2009

McCoy Has To Win

If he wants to remain on tour. Cord McCoy started the season out strong. Unfortunately the last five weeks have been rough on the Oklahoma native. He suffered broken ribs after a bizarre ride in the first go round of the Oklahoma City event. And since then he has continued to struggle to stay aboard. If he doesn't win this weekend, he will be cut from the tour. Personally I am REALLY hoping he puts up a win! If he gets cut he is going to be greatly missed. He is one of the most popular riders on the tour. His first draw for this weekend is Bo Jammin' from D&H Cattle and Jason Aduddell. This is a brand new four year old bull, so who knows what is going to happen.

Brazil's Endei Caminhas also has to have a top five weekend if he wants to continue to ride. He won the OKC Event but it isn't enough to keep him from danger, as he chose not to ride in Glendell Arizona he lost his grace event. He wanted to ride in St. Louis last weekend, but the PBR told him no but that his make up event would be Kansas City. He's got the bull Habanero from Michael and Patti Mace, yet another brand new bull.

Then there are the guys like Kody Lostroh, JB Mauney, and Zack Brown, that are safe and sound baring injuries at the top of the standings.

JB has the bull from Bryan Smith, Neon Ghost. Neon Ghost bucked off Brendon Clark last year in Kansas City in just over 5 seconds. Brendon was having a rough season at that point, and JB is having one of the best in his career. I'd say easy score here for Mauney. But he did have a horrible event last weekend. We'll have to wait and see how this plays out.

Brown has Alex Hou from Shane Davis and Jim Davis. Alex Hou was ridden by Mike Lee last year for an 86.00. I'd look for Brown to ride this bull, and possibly put a slightly higher score than Lee's up. Brown loves to spur, and the judges have been giving points for that all season.

Kody is going to take on Range War from Brent Bullard. Unridden by Matt Bohon in Oklahoma City, this bull has a 44.25 score. Kody is an extraordinary rider, so my money is on Kody.

Then there are some other favorites of various people. The Mighty One Mike White is taking on Bomb Saddam from Dobbins/McFarlin/ Burgess. (Side Note I love this bulls name). Bomb Saddam bucked off Leonil Santos in OKC but only had a bull score of 41.75. With a score that low, Mike should have no trouble with him.

And finally, the man who has taken over the longest event competition run from the Iron Man JW Hart, Luke Snyder will take on Good Time Charley from D&H Cattle, Bucks and Watts. Good Time Charley has been covered by Aaron Roy for 87.50. Luke is riding pretty well right now. So this could be a good out for him, but if he wants a win he will need to be at the top of his game. He's sitting in 20th right now so he isn't in any danger of being cut, but with the 40 man instead of 45 roster, he can't afford to get down much further if he wants to keep his event streak going.

On another note, the tickets for the Glens Falls Enterprise Event May 1-2 are on sale now. Go to Ticketmaster if that is something you want to attend.


The Wife said...

I hope Cord pulls it out. He has such a good attitude and always wears a smile.

The Wife said...

Wow, there were some bad wrecks last night! Made me cringe.

The Wife said...

Wow, there were some bad wrecks last night! Made me cringe.

Paintsmh said...

Wife, yeah I am hoping for him to pull through too. And yes that was an UGLY night. I was really worried for Mike and Cody. Specially Cody since the bull got him right in the head with his hind feet. I am hoping they are both alright. Then Luke Snyder isnt going to be riding at all tonight. There are a lot of good bulls coming up.