Monday, March 02, 2009

Peterson Wins Big in St Louis. Lostroh Moves Back to Number One in the World

A rough weekend for some. A turn of luck for others. Three men went four for four, and five went three for four. All in all a good weekend for many. Then however there is the previous world number one leader JB Mauney. It was a REALLY bad weekend for him as he only covered his round one bull Ft Worth. That combined with Kody Lostroh's phenomenal weekend and second place finish behind Wiley Peterson caused Mauney to lose his 32 point lead. He is now sitting second, over 670 points behind Kody. Kody's short go bull was Mauneys round one bull. Kody had the better score by two points.

Wiley Peterson with his weekend win pushed himself up into fourth. The Idaho man is something of a lurker in the PBR world. He rides great, but often gets over looked for the more flashy riders as far as talked about men go. He certainly has the talent to be this years World Champion. Peterson is definitely a rider to watch.

Then there is also Zack Brown. He's sitting in fifth in the world right now. He is a former Rookie of the Year, and retired following a horendous wreck that left him with massive internal injuries. He returned last year and smoked a lot of the competition. A powerful rider with loads of talent, he should be able to stay safely near the top of the leader board as long as he can remain healthy.

Finally there is the young guy rocketing up the stats. He's gone from forty eighth last year, to ninth in the world this season. Cody Ford is gonna be here for a while.


threecollie said...

Yay Kody!

Ranch Diva Rachel said...

We watched the PBR on Saturday night on TV. It was fun. I like the commentary from my Bullfighter. Between him, you, and the Wife I have learned so much about the sport. I always loved to watch, but now I get all the technical stuff.

I am so ready for some summer rodeos!!!

The Wife said...

I actually saw all of the short round last night. It was on a little earlier than normal! Yeah me!

Paintsmh said...

Mom, yeah now if only Cord could pick up a win so he stays on tour!

Rachel, I watched Saturday night, but missed most of Sunday. I am ready too, I just got tickets for the PBR Enterprise event up here in May. I am counting the days. I am SO SO SO excited!

The Wife, baby brother took the remote control, and wouldn't let me watch any of it, I bribed him to get to watch Zack Brown's ride.