Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Some day...

Things might return to normal around here...Whatever "normal" is...I feel like someone drove a mac truck over me, backed up, and ran over me again. Cows are calving right left and sideways. With a lot of bulls (insert a very sad face here).

My fancy Jersey that will be 3 on the second of April dropped a gorgeous bull calf. A week early. Naturally. A kind of low end but bred to a real nice bull cow of Mom's ( I actually bred her, and swapped her to my Mom for her big Extra Special daughter that I love) had a HUGE bull calf. Mom and I really can't figure out how she squirted him out. Then a 2 year old, 207, Bayonet I think, had a cute black Shorthorn cross heifer, we're keeping her for now.

And then there are all the ones that haven't calved.

Like Lemonade, sister's big specked Extra Special, she is due Friday, is not bagged up at all, and doesn't look like she wants to pop any time soon.

Or Cisco, wild and crazy producer of daughters who kick thrash buck and are wild as elk, but milk like there is no tomorrow, who is overdue by about a week, and isn't ready. I have been getting up with her every night, and staying up until after 10 to check her so there isn't more than 4 hours between any of my excursions to the barn. I think she is trying to kill me. She is bred to a wicked good bull, but at this rate, I am going to just jump off a cliff before it gets here!

Then there is the group due in early April. Egrec, lunatic from the north east. Mean vicious and too big. Looking closer than I would like. Zinnia, baby brother's old old old show cow. Not as mean but not pleasant either. Really good cow who has difficulties every year. I have to watch her like a hawk in case she has troubles. 22 Eland, dam to Egrec, used to be nutty but is like 11 or 12 now and quiet. Big and old she has to be guarded for her age if nothing else. These are just the ones due the first week to ten days.

After that there is Bayberry. Big hates me Bayberry. She is bro's cow but well I am still responsible. She's due further down in the month, but I imagine if anything happens to her he will strangle me.

All in all I am exhausted. The flu-like cold I am fighting off is not helping any. I just want to crawl into bed and stay there for say a month, possibly two. Add the nightly checks, and all the calf feedings and such, I feel like a turd. Sorry to everyone whose blogs I have been neglecting to read. I am going to try and catch up on everyone today, now that I have the county Farm Bureau newsletter done. Did I mention Mom and I are doing that too now? Yeah I will post on learning how to use a program you didn't even know existed on my computer if you like. It is exciting!

I will post on the event this past weekend later today. I actually watched some of it...Some...


threecollie said...

As long as you can still make me laugh, things can't be all bad.

Paintsmh said...

Thanks Mom.