Friday, April 17, 2009

My Computer is Dead...Again...And Probably Permanently

Last night my computer crashed. I dont know why. Frankly though I am not all that surprised. That darned laptop has been nice, but a pain in the butt too since I got it. OH well. If the IT people can't get it fixed, I hope they can at least rescue my PBR and local rodeo pics and videos off of it. That is all I really care about. It does have a lot of my college papers on it, but I think I have hard copies of most of them. For now my darling Mommy is letting me use her computer a bit. So if my posts become even more sporadic than usual, don't be surprised. It is the lack of computer that causes it. (BTW if IT can't fix it, there is definitely a desk top computer in my furture. Laptops STINK!!!)

ON the PBR circuit front, the cowboys and bulls had last weekend off for the Easter holiday (Happy Belated everyone). This weekend it is back to bucking in Billings Montana with the Nile Invitational sponsored by Cooper Tires. There are some amazing bulls present this weekend.

Including one of my favorites, Jeff Robinson and Anchor Bull Company's little sweet spinning black bull Encore. I have said it before I know but I am truly crazy about this bull. He's been ridden all four trips this season, always for a mid 80's score. This weekend Encore is going to square off with Brazil's Renato Nunes. With Nunes' solid riding style, this should be a good match up. I would say probably for about an 87.5. Then again every time I take a guess on scores I am off so who knows?

Then there is the return of one of my favorite riders for years Dusty LaBeth. He's wonderfully talented, and horribly accident prone. Ask my sister about the night he got his femur broken. Anyhow this weekend he is facing off with a brand new bull Huey from Juma Rodeo Stock. Two weekends ago in his first event back on tour Dusty put up three rides for a 6th place finish. I dont want to make any guesses on his ride though. I want him to stay on tour for a good long time, and I'd rather not jinx him.

I'm gonna call that it for now. The maple trees are in full bloom here. And I feel like a pile of cow poop as a result. Allergies are misery. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


The Wife said...

Computer troubles STINK! Our desktop crashed middle of last year. Luckily, I have a computer friend that could recover all our stuff. Good luck!

Paintsmh said...

I am mightily upset. All my photos and videos and such are on it. I need to find someone who can pull them off. Alan took it to the IT center on the campus but they said my hard drive is completely fried. Ah well. I want a desktop anyways!

Welcome To Wilmoth Farms said...

I totally agree! Our lap top sucks too and its a new one! LOL I just dont like them, however it did come in handy when elec was out for 16 days due to the ice storm we got back the end of Jan...its came in handy with wifi! So I feel ya girl! Hope it gets fixed...AND you get that laptop!