Saturday, June 06, 2009

Kinda Crazy

Things have been somewhat crazy here. I've got cows due pretty much constantly for the next three months. First up, and I really wish she'd just have the calf and be done with it, is my old retired show cow Sedona. She's a big sweetie and is so good about letting me check her ears and stuff even when she is out in the yard and doesn't have to.

Most of the other cows due this month are pretty much just cows. Some of them are super milkers but not exactly the most gentle and forgiving of animals. I do have one of my best bred two year olds due though. Neon Moon is Mandy's second Blitz daughter. While she is a hard headed mule and difficult to work with, I am hoping she will grow out of her not so gorgeous looking stage into as nice an animal as her big sister.

Then there is still Blink, and Encore, and a slew of others. Frantic hectic and lunatic are words that would best describe the next few months.

The computer is giving me grief. I'll post some pics of my walk in the heifer and dry cow pasture later.


lisa said...

busy, busy, busy, don't feel bad your uncle and I are also!!!

Anonymous said...

I will never milk Nemo. Just FYI.