Thursday, June 11, 2009

McBride to Play the Opry

The PBR recently announced that multi-World Champion Justin McBride, who retired last season, will be playing the Grand Ole Opry on August 14th. Were I rich I can tell you where I would be that night. Anyways I am thrilled to see that a man with some actual talent will take the stage in that halloed hall.

On another note, we're calving cows still. Its insane! I am feeding so many calves right now I feel like am going nuts. Sedona was almost a week late. Had a simply stellar bull calf. Naturally. She isnt a cow to keep a bull calf off of as a herd sire. Still he is a handsome little guy. White with the most numerous speckles and splotches. 156 Consequences (had I realized how appropriate that would be a name for her I would have named her something less dangerous), had a heifer calf the same day as Sedona. The calf is sired by the same bull and is also white with speckles. Bigger ones though so she looks a little more proportionate.

Hard to say who will calve next. Baja, Pecan, Licorice and Detroit are all due before too much longer. As is 116 Char. Not the nicest cow in the world. I'm hoping we get a few more heifer calves. I know insane but I'd rather feed heifers than bulls. And since calf prices are so low it is often impractical to take a single calf to the sale, I end up feeding them for at least a week most of the time. On top of the cow list is my well rather bad tempered and not as good looking as her siblings Neon Moon. She's Mandy's second Blitz daughter. She's due the 14th. Cross your fingers for a heifer!


lisa said...

I agree about if I were rich. I would be there also. Take a deep breath when you can. Work is never ending.

Breezey375 said...

No no no Nemo cannot calve in until I leave for campus. That is all.

Breezey375 said...

No no no Nemo cannot calve in until I leave for campus. That is all.

DayPhoto said...

I love Bull Riding. I am like you and think it is the best sport out there. And no, we are just farmers.


Paintsmh said...

Aunt Lisa, fortunately for me I love to work, or I would be in a lot of trouble!

Beck, sorry but she is not going to wait that long!

Linda, LOL I would love to hit another bull riding event. A real one not the sad excuse for them we get around here where there are more riders than bulls, and both are not the greatest. Though at this point I would take anything!