Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Do you remember the "Bobwehadababyitsaboy" Commercial?

Well today it was Blitzwehadababyitsagirl! A beautiful inky black Roylane Jordan heifer. With a big wide chest floor. And you know what? Roy's 6 CE worked well! The calf prolly weighs maybe 90 lbs or so. Compared to the normal 100+ from this family I am thrilled. Blitz had her totally on her own. Something else to be grateful for because I checked her at 10:30 am, and she was doing nothing. When I went back out at 11:15 she had already delivered and started cleaning off the calf. Anyways here are some pictures of the new one!Three generations of the girls. Mandy, her new grand daughter, and the new momma (l-r)

The new baby


DayPhoto said...

Beautiful! A perfect little heifer who can stay with you forever. (Anyway, that is what I think when we get a heifer!)


The Wife said...


~ Sara ~ said...

I forget there are anything but brown babies in the world. :) Congrats on that pretty little heifer. What's her name!?

Paintsmh said...

Linda, thanks I am totally crazy about her already. And I cannot wait to see how she grows up.

Kit, thank you!

Sara, thanks. No name yet, but I am wavering between possibly Montana Sky or Carolina Rain. Or I may let my buddy Mike name her, since he has been as excited about her momma being ready to calve as I have, and was willing to drive 2 hours to help me out with her if I needed it.

Anonymous said...

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