Monday, July 06, 2009

Name the Calf...

This time around it is the daughter of Frieland Dixies Lakota. Lakota is the last daughter of Frieland LV Dixie. She was out of Trixe, a cow bought by my father for my mother. Mom gave me Dixie to show, and the rest is history.

The new baby is in desperate need of a name. Her sire is Havencrest Kingdom-RED, so she is a carrier for the red factor gene. Personally I like that fact. But anyways. Her name has to fit in with Maqua-Kil Dixies *insert name*. We do have a bit of an Irish theme going this year, with a Shamrock and a Dublin, but that is just an idea.

Happy naming. I'll draw a name, time allowing, either Friday or Saturday!


Caroline said...

I married into dairy farming family from Clinton County (Staffordshire Farms reg. Holsteins), so I know the spot you are in picking name.
My grandmother-in-law did the naming and we had to help come up with names on occasion. The kicker here was that the calf's name had to start with the same letter and mother, we got pretty creative...they had a very long line of H names! That's a pretty heifer you have there to give a name to.

We now live in South Dakota, home of the Lakota, so I checked with friends about Lakota language names to go with the dam's name.

Lutah (loo tah) means red
Sapa (sah pah) is black
Asonpi (ah san pi) is milk
Pte Gleska (tay gleshka) means cow

Anonymous said...

how about...maqua-kil dixie's kingdom kome (as in kindgom come)

or...maqua-kil dixie's kota

or...maqua-kil dixie's karabeth

or maqua-kil dixie's kate

or idk...

The Wife said...

Okay, I'm so not good at naming other people's calves. I have thought about this for days and haven't came up with anything. I was trying to stay with the Irish theme. And when I think Irish, I think green so I came up with

maqua-kil dixie's jade

maqua-kil dixie's kelly

maqua-kil dixie's sage

Maybe I will think of something better between now and the end of the week.

Anonymous said...

maqua-kil dixie's doodle
maqua-kil dixie's irish eyes
maqua-kil dixie's bridget
maqua-kil dixie's lassie
maqua-kil dixie's lass

joated said...

Not sure I've got the rules of this name game down pat yet but if you want to keep it Irish how about

maqua-kil dixie's pictsie

(Not "pixie" but "pictsie" as in the Wee Free Men (the Nac Mac Feegle) of Terry Prachett's Disc World.

Alouise said...

Maqua-kil Dixie's Mona
Maqua=kil Dixie's Maureen
Maqua-kil Dixie's Molly

Grandpa says Maqua-kil Dixie's Beef
Maqua-kil Dixie's Tasty

Anonymous said... are more from me..i promise these will be my last ones

maqua-kil dixie's flannery
maqua-kil dixie's orla
maqua-kil dixie's tola
and last (hopefully)
maqua-kil dixie's ireland

can you tell i enjoy this!? :)