Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It has been one of those days....

Where sitting down at all feels like a luxury.

I overslept to start with. Pain killers combined with up til quarter to 11 to keep an eye on an overdue cow are not wisely combined.

Then milking seemed to take forever. Plus I discovered our dairy software calculated my big show cow's due date off a week, so she is due the 9th instead of the 15th. So she is now resting with the other cow which decided to calve today.

I made a huge batch of biscuits. No issue there but it takes a while.

Following that I went out to redo some stalls, and build a new stall for my shortie cross bull so he could come in for the winter.

While building said stall, his future neighbor, who is also his half brother, broke his tie and ran loose through the barn. Which meant I had to fix his stall, catch and halter his sorry butt, and get him back IN the stall...This is easier said than done, and the little bugger stomped my foot bad enough to feel it. He is now in his stall. Brother boy is in his new stall and loven it. And my foot did survive.

As a bonus today, the overdue cow, Camry, chose to finally calve. In the rain. In a mud hole. On a hill. And have a big headed bull calf that took an hour and a half, and at several points me getting help from my mom to deliver. My hands are raw and burning. And I still have to milk and feed tonight.

Can we say chalk it up to a long day and gonna sleep good tonight?

How was everyone's wet Wednesday?


lisa said...

I think my wet wednesday was better than you had by the sounds of it! Hang in the kiddo!

The Wife said...

I had a super busy Wednesday at work. Must have been something in the air. But I think your's was worse!

Anonymous said...

A good sleep usually does the trick for me after one of those kinds of days!! Hope today was better.

Anonymous said...

A good sleep usually does the trick for me after one of those kinds of days!! Hope today was better.

Paintsmh said...

Aunt Lisa, unfortunately the day just kept getting more bogged down and painful. I did survive thankfully.

Kit, it has been one of those weeks. Every day something has caused me to go GAHHHHH. But wait, it is Friday right? :)

Linda, unfortunately, my big ole show cow is debating having her calf. So long solid nights of sleep just aren't happening. I keep trekking out to the barn every few hours all night. I think I get maybe 2 solid hours a night, and a couple more of dozing. Its gonna be a long weekend.