Friday, July 29, 2011


Monday I made a Lacona trip. No problems at the farm but their water sample was due to be run. No water in the milk house. Hmmm I wonder. Left a note, turned around and drove back home. 6.5 hour trip wasted (thats round trip not one way thankfully). Tuesday state meeting in Syracuse. Again long trip not a lot accomplished but thats okay its my job after all. Wednesday drive back to Lacona. Heifer had broken a water bowl so while the wife who is a dear lady gophered parts the water was turned off. Pull in to get sample and get greated as always by a pretty tabby kitty that belongs to their youngest daughter (5). Wife of farmer and farmer meet me by the barn door and as always we get chatting. They are some of the nicest people I have to work with. While it is a long drive the conversation when I am done with my inspection is always worth it. (The Lacona farmers are the ones who gave me my beloved Tuxedo cat who was killed by our vicious steer. )

This trip proved to be no different.

As I was getting ready to leave two of their kids showed up with two extremely adorable kittens. One a tiny siamese colored and the other a torte shell with a huge orange blaze in the center of her head. The mother, a plain jane gray barn kitty of indeterminate years, had been hit by the milk truck. Another cat was kind of caring for the kittens...

However her method of doing so involved carting them here, there, over to that bush, across to this cow pile, and back into the hay mow. Two other tabby kittens had died so the kids had snagged them.

I was offered the bitty torte and said sure. Shes a cute tiny little bitty thing that has to be constantly checked on but is so friendly that it was very hard to resist her. Then came the would you like a Siamese tabby like tom cat we have. He's really friendly just like the other one you liked. I said uhm how will you catch him (he was no where near by)? Oh M can catch him in a second. Sooo their oldest daughter scooted up the ladder in their small horse and goat barn to the mow and came back with a mammoth long legged siamese colored tabby faced stripe legged tom cat. He is literally the most beautiful cat I have seen in a long time. She handed him over to me and he started to purr like a motor and snuggled in.

So uhm yeah sure I'll take him. Into a box he went. And then came the issue of little miss cat. Finally an office in box, the type designed to hold letters and out or in coming paperwork was found, a tiny long out grown child's tshirt tucked into it and the kitten snugged inside for the three hour trip to the farm.

At present unnamed Tom cat is in a large dog kennel up in the horse barn. I want to get him his shots and such and make sure he is settled in before turning him loose. Little miss kitty has been named Sushi. She gets warm milk and soft food, and has a nice little "house" of her own in the horse barn as well. However she is so teeny that I let her run around. Her head doesnt come up to the top of the toe on my work boots. Shas figured out how to snag the top of the box and scramble her way up and out, so no matter how many times i put her back in she greats me at the front of Tyler's stall every time I enter the barn. Generally with a "Hi, my milk is gone. I eated all the food, can I has more?" look on her face.

1400 miles so far this week, and boy am I whooped.


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