Wednesday, April 04, 2012

How it Changes

Ten years ago if you had told me i would be looking forward to doing my own garden I'd have laughed my back side off. I hated pulling weeds, and all the other necessary evils of cultivating the ground in our back yard.

Monday however i broke down and did what I needed to...and ordered 60 bucks worth of seeds from Pinetree. The fiance and I are going to fill half of his grandfather's garden with all kinds of goodies. From peas to beans, carrots and beets to lettuces and hopefully 5 varieties of tomatoes. And god knows what else I ordered.

Grandpa has gotten too old to tend a whole acre garden himself. So the man and I figured heck we could probably manage. Fortunately for us I have my mom to tell me no that doesn't grow well, this does and so on. Mom planted us some house plants back when for our little place and I've actually been able to keep them alive. But this now this should prove interesting...

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