Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The man

Number one, has a cute butt. But that is totally irrelevant :)

Number two works very hard.

Number three has had a really really rough day at work.

And as such brings about number four his dinner shall be chicken fettucini alfredo with salad, crusty bread, and mammoth chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

I think I will make a pretty danged good wife :)


Anonymous said...

I think he will make a dang good husband, happy you two found each other and I will tell you good men can be hard to find. Best wishes to you both.

lisa said...

Isn't that sweet! You make a great couple! Now if you can make it as long as some of us other couple's you will have it made!

threecollie said...

You bought him a lawnmower. Nuff said. lol

Paintsmh said...

Anon, that he will.

Aunt Lisa, all i can say is we ended up going to buy a finish mower second hand instead of the that will be tonight lol...

Mom, yeah and this time it had two tires instead of four legs!