Friday, June 20, 2014

Crazy busy life

We have another busy weekend planned this time around. The hubby is working Saturday thanks to a dippy co-worker. So I'll likely spend the day today getting stuff such as weeding of gardens and stall cleaning done. My pea rows are in desperate need of some fencing to climb which should be quick and easy as long as we can get to his grandfather's to pick up the roles of wire that he's offered us. Free is always good!

Either today or tomorrow I have to catch up a certain rooster for taking to the local swap meet on Sunday. I've come to love these swaps. We're taking over a red hen and the rooster, provided I can get my hands on the little bugger. He's absolutely gorgeous and normally I'd keep him around. However, the hubby fell in love with the Standard Cochin breed last year. I've been searching high, low, near and far to find him even just a simple rooster. This past week I found a gorgeous 1 yr old blue roo that is literally show stock worthy. So for the price the lady wanted for him I jumped at the chance to buy him as a late fathers day gift. Since I don't care to have too many roosters running around the place the speckled Lord only knows what he is rooster I currently have is going to go bye bye. If not at this swap then at the next one held by another group in 2 more weeks.

Mom is also getting some nice plants ready. The beauty of these swaps is that you can sell just about anything you can get there in a car, truck or van. Craft items, pies and jams often join the ranks of chickens, ducks, turkeys, adorable bunnies and goats along with other domestic livestock and pets. Last year I ordered a lovely hand painted stall sign for my pony from one girl, and a delightful chocolate mint from another. 

The final task for the weekend is the transport of one John Deere A tractor belonging to the husband. We recently moved back to my parents farm from town. With Miss P, a 2 yr old English Shepherd and a dastardly land lord who for the 3rd time in as many years put the house we rented an apartment in on the market we just couldn't take it anymore. So now we will add our little Johnny Popper into the hay making business. Its only powerful enough by modern standards to run our hay elevator and transport the lovely green hay that will hopefully sell and pay my parents taxes, thereby making it possible to keep the small herd of cattle we have, but with only one other tractor it will be a big help.

Who knows? Maybe I'll get really lucky and the weekend will have a calm quiet spot in it which I can use to get some time put in on Diamond's training :)

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